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What Is a Screenplay?

The screenplay has a very different structure to the structure authors use for writing books. The script for a fiction film (documentarians work in their ways and don’t always work from a script while making a documentary) is divided into scenes, which move the action… Read more

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Scriptwriting Lingo

Do you ever wonder what means what in screenwriting language? Below you will find all the most commonly used terms by screenwriters. A-Story, B-Story, C-Story The A-story is the core story, how the character, main protagonist seeks the goal. The B-story is the story, which… Read more

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As a Screenwriter, You Should …

Scriptwriting, like any other creative process, is long, requires brain space and time to develop characters and the stories they will carry. Without the script, there is no film, and as a screenwriter, you should: 1. Like ALL your characters, not only the good ones.… Read more

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John August Tips on Writing Scene/s

  John August is an American scriptwriter, novelist, director, and producer. His scriptwriting credits include: “Charlie’s Angels”, “Big Fish”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and, recently, “Aladdin”.Website: In one of his older blog posts, he shared eleven tips on how to write a scene.… Read more

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Storytelling Tips From Emma Coats

Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats who has worked for Pixar on many of its production shared on Twitter (some time ago) a few words of narrative golden advice for any scriptwriter or writer out there. Read, learn and remember. #1: You admire a character for… Read more