My Mum Is A Superhero (Collection of Short Stories)


Coco, the cat, is very well known in her local community for her love of books and reading. She has already read all the books she has at home and all the books her neighbours have. Some of the books she even read several times. That happens a lot to anyone who LOVES reading.

One day, while strolling through the park, Coco heard two girls talking about a place called the Library. Coco has never heard of a library before. But from what the girls were saying, it seemed like a magical place filled with books and quite nooks to read.

Without much hesitation, Coco decided to visit this mysterious place cramped with high shelves full of books.

Once she found the Library, she introduced herself to everyone who was visiting that wonderland before finding a cosy spot in the children corner and disappearing into the world of stories. She read and read for hours…

It was already dark outside when her mummy came looking for Coco, who missed her lunch, dinner and, of course, snacks and special treats.

Coco stayed in the Library for so long because she didn’t know you could borrow books to take them home. With the help of her mum and the ladies at the desk, she proudly joined the Library and got her very own library card.

At home, sleepy Coco asked mummy to read at least one more story to her. However, she was too exhausted to stay awake. until the end Soon she closed her sleepy eyes and was fast asleep, dreaming of books, stories, and all the new friends she was going to make.

The End


While cuddling up to his mum, the Little Boy said:

– “Before I came to Earth I had to check if you and daddy were going to be the best mummy and daddy I could have.”

– “Oh, did you?” asks mummy while gently tickling his giant feet.

– “I also had to find mummy who didn’t have a baby in her tummy, and you were the only mummy I liked who didn’t have a baby in her tummy.”

– “Was I the only mummy without a baby in her tummy? How interesting.”

– “Yep.”

– “And how did you check that I didn’t have a baby in my tummy, sunshine?” mum asks.

“On a huge computer, of course. All the children can use that computer to see if mummy and daddy are kind or not so kind, nice or not so nice before they decide to choose them. When I saw you on the computer, I knew that you were going to be the nicest, kindest, and bestest mummy ever.”

– “Thank you, my darling. I think you are pretty awesome yourself. What did you do after you knew I was going to be your mum?”

Little Boy is patient because he knows that mum needs a lot of explaining. She’s a grown-up, after all.

– “I took off,” he replies.

– “I’m glad you took off and found daddy and me.”

– “I’m glad too.” the Little Boy gives his mum a huge kiss and cuddles to her even tighter.

– “Where did you live before you found daddy and me?”

He looks at his mum as if he was trying to remember something.

– “It was a very hot planet.” but almost immediately changes his mind. “No, no, it was an icy planet. Yes, it was an icy planet, not hot at all.”

– “A cold planet, hmm…” says mum. “How did you travel to Earth?”

– “Of course, the other children and I had to fly,” he answers patiently.

– “Of course! Flying sounds exciting. Was it a long journey?” Mum doesn’t give up easily.

– “We had to fly for a long time, but I don’t remember how long. I knew where you and daddy were, so I didn’t have any problems finding you.” says the Little Boy.

– “I’m so happy you found me, my dearest darling,” Mum says while kissing his little fingers.

– “I’m glad I found you too. I love you mummy.” says the Little Boy.

– “I love you too, Sunshine.” says mum.

The End

I’m Made By Dyslexia, so expect small typos and big thinking.


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