My Mum Is A Superhero (Collection of Short Stories)


While cuddling up to his mum, the Little Boy says:

– “Before I came to Earth I had to check if you and daddy were going to be the best mummy and daddy I could have.”

– “Oh, did you?” asks mommy while gently tickling his giant feet.

– “I also had to find mommy who didn’t have a baby in her tummy, and you were the only mommy I liked who didn’t have a baby in her tummy.”

– “Was I the only mummy without a baby in her tummy? How interesting.”

– “Yep.”

– “And how did you check that I didn’t have a baby in my tummy, sunshine?” mom asks.

– “On a huge computer of course. All the children can use that computer to see if mommy and daddy are kind or not so kind, nice or not so nice before they decide to choose them. When I saw you on the computer, I knew that you were going to be the nicest, the kindest and the bestest mommy ever.”

– “Thank you my darling. I think you are pretty awesome yourself. What did you do after you knew I was going to be your mom?”

Little Boy is patient because he knows that mom needs a lot of explaining. She’s a grown-up after all.

– “I took off,” he replies.

– “I’m glad you took off and found daddy and me.”

– “I’m glad too.” the Little Boy gives his mom a huge kiss and cuddles to her even tighter.

– “Where did you live before you found daddy and me?”

He looks at his mom as if he was trying to remember something.

– “It was a very hot planet.” but almost immediately changes his mind. “No, no, it was an icy planet. Yes, it was an icy planet not hot at all.”

– “A cold planet, hmm…” says mom. “How did you travel to Earth?”

– “Of course the other children and I had to fly,” he answers patiently.

– “Of course! Flying sounds exciting. Was it a long journey?” Mom doesn’t give up easily.

– “We had to fly for a long time, but I don’t remember how long. I knew where you and daddy were so I didn’t have any problems finding you.” says the Little Boy.

– “I’m so happy you found me, my dearest darling,” Mum says while kissing his little fingers.

– “I’m glad I found you too. I love you mommy.” says the Little Boy.

– “I love you too, Sunshine.” says mom.

The End


“Mum is Father Christmas looking at me.” asked the Little Boy before giving his mum the most serious look of his life.

“Yes.” replied mum.

“How can he see me?” the Little Boy asked.

“Well, Father Christmas has a very special telescope to check up on all the kids around the world.” said mum.

“How many eyes does Father Christmas have?”

“Two, like everyone else,” said mum. But the question did make her wonder if perhaps she was wrong. Maybe Santa did have some special powers that made him see what the parents couldn’t see and perhaps he did have more than just two eyes.

“So he can’t see me all the time. You said that there are a lot of children around the world. He cannot look at all of us at the same time with only two eyes.” said the Little Boy.

“Maybe that’s why Father Christmas sends his Elves to keep an eye on all the kids when he can’t.” replied mum.

“Hmmm…. So when I walk around the park, Father Christmas can see me, right?”

“Yes, darling.” said mum while mixing all the Christmas cookies ingredients together. “He can also see you if you are helping me or not. You know that, right?”

The Little Boy went over to the kitchen table where his mum was mixing the dough. He pulled his sleeves up, the same way his mum pulled hers, put his small fingers into the bowl and started working the dough.

After finishing with the dough the Little Boy said: “We have to clean up the chimney.”

“Why is that honey?” asked mum whose brain was super preoccupied with cutting out the cookie shapes and planning the baking.

“If we don’t, Father Christmas won’t be able to come down the chimney.” said the Little Boy.

“Good thinking darling.” replied mom.

When the Little Boy was done with his part of the baking adventure, he decided to finish his letter to Father Christmas. He sat down by his small desk… took the colouring pencils out and started drawing a picture. When his letter was finished, he put it next to the chimney. He still needed a chimney cleaning plan but he was too exhausted to do anything but to eat delicious Christmas cookies.

“Why don’t take the letter to the post office?” asked mom.

“Mom! Father Christmas picks up letters from the houses, not the post office”. said the Little Boy.

Mum smiled to herself and gave him a big kiss. The Little Boy was right, the next morning the letter was gone.

The End


Coco the cat is very well known in her local community for her love of books and reading. She has already read all the books she had at home and all the books her neighbours have. Some of the books she even read two or three times but that happens when you LOVE reading.

One day, while strolling through the park, Coco heard two girls talking about a place called the Library. Coco never heard of a library before but from what the girls were saying it seemed like heaven to anyone who loved books and reading as much as Coco did.

Without much hesitation, Coco decided to visit this mysterious place packed with high shelves full of books. She found it and introduced herself to everyone who was visiting that wonderland before finding a cosy spot in the children corner and started reading one book after another. She read and read for hours…

It was already dark outside when her mummy came looking for Coco, who missed her lunch, dinner and, of course, snacks and special treats.

Coco didn’t know that you can borrow books from the library to take them home. With the help of her mum and the ladies at the desk, she proudly joined the library and got her very own library card.

At home, sleepy Coco asked mummy to read at least one more story to her. Coco loved books, and it didn’t matter to her if someone told the stories, read her stories, or she read herself. However, she was too exhausted to stay awake. Soon she closed her sleepy eyes and was fast asleep dreaming of books, stories, and new friends she was going to make.

The End


Mia is an amazingly talented young lady, who is a great friend, an excellent student. Mia loves playing the piano and telling stories.

She was born without one arm, however, that has never stopped her from being a little helper and doing what she loves doing the most, which is helping other kids by using her artistic talents.

Grown-ups and sometimes other kids often stare at Mia, especially when she plays the piano or tries to use her drawing skills to lift people spirit up. But staring doesn’t scare her. It helps her to activate the magical powers she has inside her soul. Anyone, who knows anything about magical powers, knows that they make more magic.

At home, Mia always tries to help her mum and dad with cooking and cleaning, and she relaxes the most while folding the laundry. At the weekend’s Mia and her mum help other children in the community club with reading, writing, and math. The children are always happy to see Mia and her mom, who is a baker and bakes lots of delicious cakes and cookies for the kids as treats for doing well with their learning.

Mia brings many creative ideas for games, arts, and crafts, which the children usually do after their main subject lessons are over. Mia is virtually unstoppable and always willing to go an extra mile to help others. She is kind, loving and giving. And life gives her kindness and love in return.

We all have special powers that make us kind, loving and helpful and we all should use those powers to help others, even if it only means saying hello or good morning to someone.

What are your special powers? Can you activate them? I would love to hear from you.

The End


“Mum! Help! Help! Busy Bees are following me!” screamed the Little Boy while trying to hide behind his mum.

“What did you do to them?” asked mum who didn’t wait for the bees to come any closer. She grabbed her son’s hand and ran to the car.

“I was…” started the Little Boy “… with my Bear… and… Bear had this idea that… maybe we should check what the Bees were doing. So we went to see the Bees and… Bear couldn’t resist… taking some of their honey.”

Mummy, the Little Boy, and the Bear made it to the car just in time before the Bees managed to catch up with them.

Mummy sat the Little Boy in his car seat, quickly fasten his seat belt and climbed over to the front seat. The Little Boy sat Bear next to him and put the Bear’s seat belt on. Bear couldn’t do it himself since his paws were still very sticky and full of delicious, sweet honey.

Mum started the engine, looked in the side mirrors to make sure that no cars were coming her way. To her horror, she saw Busy Bees were covering the back of the car. She took a deep breath, stop the engine, and said. “I think that the Bear needs to give back the honey he took without permission.”

The Little Boy looked at the Bear, but Bear wasn’t so sure about giving back the honey. Honey has been Bear’s favourite food for like… forever. Then the Little Boy said: “I think we need to give back the honey.”

“That would be very wise. It’s not nice to take what doesn’t belong to you. Bees have to work very hard to get all those honey made.” Bear looked at the Little Boy for a long time before nodding his head in agreement.

Mum opened the door & the three of them got out of the car. Busy Bees looked at the Bear, the Bear looked back at the Bees for a few seconds and then stretched his honey paws. Busy Bees wasted no time and took back all the honey Bear didn’t manage to eat.

Once they were gone, Mum cuddled both: Little Boy and Bear and said: “I’m very proud of the two of you for making the right decision. But next time don’t take what is not yours. Promise?” “Promise.” said the Little Boy while the Bear nodded in agreement.



My name is Nicola, and I just turned nine. This is Lillie, my younger sister who is nearly four. And this is our mum who is unlike any other mum because she is a real-life superhero.

We live in a big, noisy, polluted city, but we don’t mind since the three of us love big cities. When mummy takes us on holiday, we usually travel to small towns or the seaside so we can recharge our batteries (which I don’t understand as we never take any), clean our lungs and let our brains rest.

When we are not travelling or resting, we go to school. If it wasn’t for mum’s super-organizational skills, I don’t think we would have ever made to school on time with all our homework done, lunches packed and teeth brushing.

Each morning mum is the first one up to make a yummy breakfast for Lillie and me. While we gobble it up, mum prepares a delicious and always healthy (mum loves healthy) school lunch.

Once the breakfast is over, we need to get ready to go out. We wash our faces, brush our teeth, pack our school bags. At times I sneak in my favourite toy, but the school doesn’t allow us to take toys to school.

Of course mum drives us all the way to school. She is an excellent driver and always knows how to avoid traffic, never says bad words while driving and she always stays superhero super cool behind the wheel.

When Lillie and I try to learn tons of important and sometimes less important stuff, mummy works hard at her superhero job, helping people out. Because not everyone is a superhero, the superhero mums have a huge responsibility to help others and teach them how to become superheroes (these are skills grown-ups can learn from other adults).

When the school day is finally over, mum is usually the last one to pick us up, but we don’t mind any more. We both know that she is always trying her best. Even though she is late to collect us from school, we always are on time for our after-school activities, which I enjoy much, much more than the regular school. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I play football. On Tuesdays I do music, and on Thursdays, I have art class.

Lillie does ballet on Mondays and Wednesdays, and she goes to French group on Tuesdays and Thursdays (French for babies of course since she can barely speak English).

Mummy never misses any of my games or exhibitions, or any of Lillie’s shows. When we are nervous, mum always knows what to say to make us feel better.

Almost every day we are back home pretty late, and in the winter it’s already dark outside. While I try to do my homework, our superhero mummy somehow manages to cook dinner for us. We love mum’s homemade food. After the dinner is finished, mummy still finds enough time to read us a bedtime story.

I know she doesn’t go to sleep at the same time as we do. She still needs to clean after the dinner and do some more paperwork that never seems to end.

I think that perhaps she rests a little bit at the weekends, but I’m not sure how much because the weekends are usually loaded with fun family activities. When the weather is beautiful, our superhero mummy takes us to different parks around the city, or we drive to the forest or even to the seaside. If the weather isn’t so lovely and it’s raining or is too cold outside, we go and visit a museum or stay at home pretending to be in a faraway foreign country on some superhero mission.

I love weekends, and I love my superhero mum who sometimes gets tired and sad but always finds enough superhero powers to be the best superhero mum she can be.



One winter when the Christmas celebration ended, the Little Boy managed to convince his parents not to throw the Christmas Tree out. The plan was to keep it at home for the next year’s celebration.

Since the Little Boy was already five, his parents made him responsible for looking after the tree and making sure that the tree was comfortable, watered well and had enough light. The Little Boy had to water the Tree every time it needed water. He also talked to the Tree, so it didn’t feel lonely without other trees, birds, or flowers around it.

Every day the boy and the Tree were growing taller, and one morning the Tree outgrew the Little Boy, which meant that it was going to be rather uncomfortable for the Tree to stay in the house for much longer.

Mommy, Daddy, the Little Boy, and the Tree set up a family meeting to discuss the Tree’s future. After several cups of coffee for mom and dad and loads of cups of juice for the Little Boy, the four of them decided that the best place for the Christmas Tree will be the communal garden in front of their block. This way it would be close enough so they could visit often and it would have enough space to grow healthy and tall.

The Little Boy helped his dad move the Christmas Tree to the communal garden on Sunday morning. Over the coming days, weeks, and months all residents came over to admire the beauty of the Tree, which made the Little Boy very proud.

Each Christmas the Little Boy decorates the Tree with his handmade ornaments. He also promised the Tree that even when he gets older, much older than five, he will still come and visit the Tree at least once a week.

The Christmas Tree is his oldest friend ever, and no one should never forget friends.

The End


When I was a child, I spent all my summers in my grannies’ country house. I loved everything about that house: the smell, the cooking, the gigantic garden, tall fruit trees, even the flies that were beyond annoying during the heat waves. Each summer was different and magical in its unique way, filled with new experiences and adventures that later in life would create my most cherished childhood memories.

Every summer the drill was the same. My mom would drop me off at my grannies and go back to London to enjoy a bit of freedom and long hours at her home office (Only now when I became a parent myself, I can fully appreciate why she needed this time so severely).

All the summers were more or less the same, filled with laziness caused by extreme heat, way too much food, 5 am wake up calls and too much ice cream in every shape and form.

However, there was one summer that stood out amongst all the others. I must have been six, perhaps seven when completely out of the blue I developed an extremely high fever, which didn’t want to drop for days. Every time I was unwell, it freaked my mom out of her mind and this time around was no different.

My mom being herself and trusting only one doctor in the entire world (this is what she used to say) put me in a car and we drove together with my granny for six hours to the city where I was born to see my paediatrician. He knew me since I was six months old so I guess she had a point. As it turned out, I had scarlet fever, which even back then was rather unusual and rare.

During the whole scarlet fever escapade, my mom got sick too, which was pretty impressive because she couldn’t work and had to stay with me instead of going back to London. This way we could spend more time together, bonding over high temperature, shivers, and sore throats. We both were put on antibiotics and within days managed to recover some of our wits.

Once we both felt better, my mom decided that she was going to paint my treehouse while waiting for her full recovery before jumping on the plane back to London.

I know that it sounds fairly straightforward but please remember that my creative mind was full of crazy ideas and I wanted my treehouse to be as colourful as possible. I put myself in charge of mixing the paint. However, my primary objective was to invent new, one of a kind, shades. My mom patiently applied different colours to every single wooden board. To progress with this laborious task, she woke up every morning at wee hours to do as much work as she could before her still recovering body reached the melting point (that was one of these summers when the temperature started to reach over 40 degrees for days and days with stale air and no breeze).

The laziness of each summer after our busy lives in London was like a balm to my wild, adventurous nature. To me, the countryside was generous, pure, and always in sync with Mother Nature, which always has this healing power over the human soul.

My daily responsibilities each summer included: eating my grannies’ organic food while getting nicely fat, playing, trying to get some tractor rides, visiting the neighbours’ farms, and in the evenings after a full, exhausting day of work watching a bit of telly. On one such a busy evening, while getting comfortable with my mom in the TV room upstairs (my granny had two TV rooms. One for me and one for my grandpa, who was really into politics and I wasn’t that keen on talking heads who were talking constantly but miraculously not saying anything). Suddenly my granny came running into the house calling the two of us. Of course, I was exhausted and decided to ignore her and keep on watching my favourite program. However, my peace of mind didn’t last long, as a couple of minutes later my mom came in dragging me downstairs.

Before we proceed any further with our story, my dear reader, you ought to know that my grannies’ farm consisted of 3 buildings of various shapes and sizes:

The main house where we lived.The former stables on the right-hand side, which my grandpa used for storing tools and bikes and all the other things that couldn’t possibly be stored in the main house, and believe me there was heaps of stuff that couldn’t possibly be stored in the main house or any other house for that matter.The building on the left-hand side, which my granny transformed into a hotel.

Three buildings equal three rooftops.

When my mom finally dragged the very unhappy me outside, all the rooftops were taken up by the storks.

The flock of storks took over every free spot on all the three rooftops. There were so many of them that I couldn’t even count them all. Back then I could only count to 10. But still, ten storks in one house would be considered a lot by any standards. And to my little eyes it was much more than 10 (I was still to figure out what should come after 10).

Some of them had to fight for space just like I had to fight my friends for sticks in the park. Let’s be honest, there was never enough sticks in the park or the forest for our bunch.

With every second, more and more storks were circling the farm, the houses and over our heads. Some of them were resting for a short while before taking off again while others were getting ready to go to sleep.

We watched the magnificent beauties for about 30 minutes before it got too dark to see. It was an experience of a lifetime. How often does that happen?

That evening we had 11 storks staying over for the night. I counted them myself, and precisely then I got from 10 to 11 (How good was I?). They were not scared by the crazy dogs barking as well as not by my caveman-like screams and believe me I could scream and scream and scream some more.

The storks stayed for the night & took off with the first gentle rays of the morning sun. I was still tucked in bed, most likely dreaming about tractors or sticks. My granny saw them just before they took off on the long and often dangerous journey back to Africa.

In Poland, people believe that when storks get ready to fly back to Africa the summer is nearly over. Also, according to the Polish tradition storks bring children, an abundance of money and good fortune, and have always been a national treasure, respected and longed for after a long, cold winter (winters in Poland can be as extreme as the summers). So you can only imagine what a welcome guest they always are in any house. However, not all the nations are as crazy about storks as the Poles are. Some countries don’t care that much for them and consider killing storks a national sport, which is revolting and discounting.

Ever since that day, the storks kept coming back to my grannie’s house on their way back to Africa. I always hoped (there was no way of checking that) that some of the same storks were back to our farm. I also believed that whenever they came to stay with us, they felt safe knowing that they were always welcome on my grannies’ farm without having to fear that anyone would or could ever hurt them.

This memory of hot lazy summers always brings happiness to my heart. It might be because I’m old and my time is very limited, or it might be because that was the beginning of an end of the Earth as we all knew it back then.

The End


Lucille has always been a very independent cow. Even when she was a calf, she was not too keen on following the rules or being told what to do and when to do it.

Her life was simple, nothing out of the ordinary for a farm cow. Well, she was lucky because her farmer Maria, was a kind farmer and she didn’t farm animals for meat or dairy. Maria and her family were all vegans and only kept the animals for the kids to play with, become friends with and to learn how to love and respect animals.

Lucille was born more or less at the same time as Maria’s youngest daughter Beth was born. The two of them grew up together, supporting one another, following one another everywhere, learning from one another and of course exploring the farm, the nearby woods and playing a tone of games together.

They learnt how to cross the stream together, how not to make the chickens angry and how to steal an apple pie from the window seal without being caught.

The early childhood for both was a ball, filled with adventures, and sometimes too much apple pie. Neither of them ever thought that one day Beth would have to go to school and Lucille will have to stay behind and have children on her own. In fact, neither of them knew that something as mysterious as school existed. When the school was mentioned for the first time, the two best friends didn’t take it seriously even one bit. Nobody, no school, and no teacher were going to separate them, not even in a million years.

However, when the summer ended, and the school became a reality, Lucille and Beth cried and cried for hours. Finally, seeing how desperate the two of them were, Maria agreed for Lucille to walk Beth to school and pick her up after the school day was over, only if the weather permitted.

So they did. Both growing older, wiser, they walked to school and back. Every time Beth was picked by Lucille up in the afternoon, she told her all about the important stuff she had to learn from books and all the things she found incredibly boring, which she had no choice but to learn about, too. Lucille always listened kindly when Beth was unloading her problems, worries, and happy moments.

They both knew that what was the most important in life you couldn’t possibly learn from books. You could only feel it in your heart and share with those you loved the most just like Lucille and Beth has always done.

The End