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Anna & Modern Day Slavery


“Anna & Modern Day Slavery” – remarkably realistic docu-fiction, addresses one of the continuing tragedies of our times. These women need to be helped, need to be saved, and something must be done to prevent modern-day slavery. Anna’s unearthing the deeply troubling flow of money that corrupts everything suggests the way forward!


Anna, a strong & independent woman, leaves her partner & high paid government job behind to set up an underground Organization.  The Organization’s main objective is to expose injustice and bring lasting change to society. Anna doesn’t shy away from using all the available recourses she has to fight her cause.

Anna’s current investigation into sex & human trafficking across Europe leads her to Poland where Sasha, her inside contact, sets her on an unexpected trail of discovering horrific truths connecting traffickers with European business and governing bodies.

To keep on top of things Anna recruits Pawel, a talented researcher from Poland who unwillingly gets entangled into the unstoppable current of events.

Anna together with her team works tirelessly risking their lives to unravel the dark secrets behind a major trafficking ring.

Director’s Statement

While building an online audience for my work I e-met Lynne Robins via tweeter. She was a passionate advocate for sex & human trafficking victims and was trying to bring as much awareness to these issues/subjects as she could within her own means and resources.

At that point of my life I knew very little about human trafficking and modern day slavery. I was aware that human trafficking existed in a lot of countries around the world. But it wasn’t until I started researching the subject that I realized how wide- spread this horrific crime against humanity was.

One search lead to another feeding me with more and more information about the subject.

It was somewhere between the movies and articles I read that I decided to do whatever I could to help raise awareness of modern day slavery.

My initial idea was to write a short script about human trafficking and hand it over to another director. However, during the writing process, the story took over and my short script turned into a feature film script. The process of re-defining the story made me realize that Anna as a character was very close to my heart and I didn’t want to let her go.

Technical information:

Country: Poland/UK

Language: English/Polish/Russian

Filming Locations: Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie, Poland

Budget $14,000

Runtime: 65 min.

Color: Color

Camera: Red One Camera

Production Co: Altaire Productions, South East Films