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Let’s Talk About Titles

The title is one of the most crucial elements of your screenplay. There are entire books and blogs devoted to creating and coming up with mind-blowing titles. In our daily life, attractive and catchy titles increase the odds of us picking up a book, reading… Read more

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How to Come up With a Hook for Your Screenplay?

For a reader, filmmaker, producer or an agent to become interested in your screenplay, you need to find a “magical” way to grab their attention. In reality, no one will devote even five minutes of their time to your project if their interest hasn’t been… Read more

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What Is a Screenplay?

The screenplay has a very different structure to the structure authors use for writing books. The script for a fiction film (documentarians work in their ways and don’t always work from a script while making a documentary) is divided into scenes, which move the action… Read more

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How Do I Write My Scripts?

1. I have my initial idea. I don’t need to know what is going to happen from the beginning to the end. I just have an idea and play around with it in my head. 2. I search for my characters’ names around me and… Read more

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How to Breakdown Your Script?

Script breakdown is needed to do your budget correctly; to know how many cast & crew members you need or what props and costumes each scene will require. It is done to make the director and his creative team, as well as producers, live easier.… Read more