Mikolay & Julia

“Mikolay & Julia: In the Attic”

While searching the attic for a wand for Julia, Mikolay notices a Shadow moving around the boxes, which magically disappears through the wall. The little wizards follow the shadow cautiously and discover hidden cages full of starving children and animals.

Mikolay & Julia In The Attic_sample_pages by Magda Olchawska
“Mikolay & Julia Meet the Fairies”

One day, Mikolay and Julia discover a hidden wardrobe in a secret office of Mikolay’s mummy. A fantastic wonder occurs: the wardrobe turns out to be full of magical, gentle creatures who have singing voices. They desperately need  Mikolay’s and Julia’s magic skills to help them.

Mikolay and Julia_Meet_The_Fairies_illustrated



Mikolay & Julia Make New Friends is available for free on Wattpad.
Mikolay Has a Secret is available for free on Wattpad. 
Mikolay and Julia Meet The Fairies for free on Wattpad
Mikolay & Julia In the Attic for free on Wattpad 



“The author’s superb writing skills are exemplified by the clever way in which she manages to get readers to open up their imaginations…This fascinating children’s story is beautifully concluded…It is a great childhood adventure, filled with magical suspense, intrigue, sorcery and mystery…”  Eleesha, author of The Soul Whisperer

“A wonderful, fanciful tale. Sure to please your child or grandchild. Great Christmas gift…”  Florence Rita Monette

“This book is one of a kind…”  A. Williams “AMWill”

“This is an unusual children’s book and a perfect Christmas (or birthday!) gift…”  Claude Nougat, author of FEAR OF THE PAST Trilogy

“I loved this book, and my eldest who is nearly 4 adored the magic of the story and the beautiful, unique illustrations.”  Rachel Dove, The Kindle Book Review

“Page after page of cute and colourful illustrations to enjoy as you read. You will love reading and be discussing this book with your child, or grandchild.”  Terry M. Price

“This is a wonderfully drawn book with a very important message. I loved the creative layout of pictures and words which give the book energy rarely found in such material.“  Simon Jenner

“Glad to see you are adding to the Mikolay and Julia series – great characters!“  Renee C.

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