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Let’s Talk About Titles

The title is one of the most crucial elements of your screenplay. There are entire books and blogs devoted to creating and coming up with mind-blowing titles. In our daily life, attractive and catchy titles increase the odds of us picking up a book, reading… Read more

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Why Should You Pitch Your Screenplay Idea Before You Start Writing the Screenplay?

Every screenwriter is hopeful that their story can be turned into a multi-million-dollar franchise. It has happened before, but this delightful miracle is as likely as winning a lottery or maybe even less; hmmm…? However, if you are still certain and not discouraged in the… Read more

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How to Come up With a Hook for Your Screenplay?

For a reader, filmmaker, producer or an agent to become interested in your screenplay, you need to find a “magical” way to grab their attention. In reality, no one will devote even five minutes of their time to your project if their interest hasn’t been… Read more

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What Is a Screenplay?

The screenplay has a very different structure to the structure authors use for writing books. The script for a fiction film (documentarians work in their ways and don’t always work from a script while making a documentary) is divided into scenes, which move the action… Read more

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Scriptwriting Lingo

Do you ever wonder what means what in screenwriting language? Below you will find all the most commonly used terms by screenwriters. A-Story, B-Story, C-Story The A-story is the core story, how the character, main protagonist seeks the goal. The B-story is the story, which… Read more