When the Seventh Heaven Church announced that Maggie Lee, Georgia and Stephen were outlawed for free thinking and aiding undesired elements of the society, the new recruitment process and the future of the Warrior traditions they swore to protect with their lives were in grave danger.

Luckily, the North London house has proven to be an excellent hideaway. There were so many minority species that blending in wasn’t an issue. Such widespread diversity gave them the anonymity they so badly needed.

The house in North London wasn’t as large as the one Maggie Lee called home for years in the southeast part of the town. Fortunately, while the recruitment process was ongoing, she wasn’t going to use the house that much, so getting attached to the house and its energy was out of the question.

Besides, from the very beginning, she knew it was just a provisional solution until they could find enough new candidates.

Coincidentally, most of their belongings have already been shipped to Ireland where the new secret training grounds for the young Warriors have been established by now.


When the decision was made to move, Maggie Lee knew that the children wouldn’t be able to commute to school, which was all the way across town. With all the stops, checks and searches in place, it would become a logistic nightmare and leave them all too vulnerable to the Church’s watchful eyes.

The Warrior kids have been kidnapped by the Church in the past and never to be seen again. When it came to her children, Maggie Lee was risk averse and travelling to school was unnecessarily risky.  

The only requirement she had was for Ross and Mia to stay indoors. Other than that, they could do whatever their hearts desired. Fortunately, the two of them had enough ideas to keep them occupied and indoors for weeks.

Ross concentrated mostly on science projects, for which he found his portable minilab indispensable. Mia felt a pressing need to finally complete her book, that included drawings of fighting sequences between abnormal looking machines in human bodies.

Mia suffered with vividly active imagination, which inspired her scary books.

Whilst the kids were safe and busy, Maggie Lee and Georgia could focus their energy on finding the right candidates, who would proudly carry the Warrior’s torch into the unknown future.


Miraculously, before she disappeared, Victoria managed to pass on The Book to Georgia (Georgia was the last person to see her) with names and contact details for many Warrior families. Part of Victoria’s job was to keep the book updated, although she never considered updating it a priority and, in the process, lost track of many of the first families.

Warrior Politics

The times have changed since the first families arrived on this island and many Warriors weren’t as enthusiastic about embracing their powers or even admitting that they came from the Warriors lineage as the previous generations were.

Maybe, possibly, too much time has passed since they were the ones in power and could hold their heads up. Nowadays they were on the receiving end of the hostilities from the Church, including systematic fearmongering, which always portrayed the Warriors as foes not friends.

Meanwhile, the Warrior leadership was in despair and unable to stand up to the Church’s policies. Hypothetically, Victoria was still in charge. But in the light of all the disinformation that emerged from the media, aligned with the Church’s propaganda, keeping low profile was best she could do.

Maggie Lee and Georgia suspected that Victoria secretly withdrew her support of the Seventh Heaven Church and needed to hide to protect what was left of the Warriors from the Church’s vengeance.

With Victoria gone, the Church threw their support behind the Warriors Corporate Ranks almost instantly. The Church allowed them to form a minority Warrior government, but only if they reported directly to the Church.

The Warriors Corporate Ranks government was going to divide the Warriors community while most likely making the distrust within their own kind even deeper.

Besides, the Warriors’ Corporate Ranks were too weak to stand up to the almighty Church and too consumed with their own infighting to see that they were playing straight into the political trappings of the Seventh Heaven Church.

The Tradition

While Stephen’s sole focus was on finding Victoria, Maggie Lee and Georgia desperately tried enrolling Warriors, willing to commit to the ancient art of their foremothers, who carried a powerful tradition grounded in knowledge of the Universe.

Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, the natural order the Warriors treasured so much has shifted significantly, leaving Maggie Lee desperately piecing together the scraps of the past in the hope that the tradition wasn’t going to be wiped out like so many others in the recent past.

Historically, women were the secret keepers of profound Warrior knowledge. Unfortunately, in the past decade, male Warriors began implementing the Seventh Heaven Church’s philosophy, trying to justify their domination over the female Warriors by systematically restricting their access to secret knowledge.

However, they didn’t anticipate that the secret knowledge had a will of its own and couldn’t be swayed away from the knowledge bearers. The inner fighting, struggles and political alliances became the new norm amongst the Warriors. A norm that Maggie Lee, Georgia, and Stephen stayed away from until Victoria vanished.

Most of the young Warriors felt part of the island nation. Sadly, the current mainstream culture pushed by the intimidating political climate and shaped by the Seventh Heaven Church worked hard to uproot the Warriors. And the policy, restrictions and fear have done a great job at frightening those disconnected from their roots into obedience.

If the Warriors traditions weren’t cultivated in the family, the young Warriors had no idea what powers they had at their disposal, often leaving them baffled by mysterious incident that happened unexpectedly. It was never safe for any of the Warriors to be roaming the streets unaware and unprepared for what they were capable of.

Any violent incident involving the Warriors was a justification for putting additional restrictions on the whole community.

The Warrior’s Training

Convincing the Warriors to join the training, especially in the light of the extermination campaign the Seventh Heaven Church has been systematically implementing for years, was a gruelling task. Victoria’s sudden disappearance and the media’s vicious propaganda against her, driven by the Church, made a lot of the Warriors feel betrayed. That created yet another hoop Georgia had to jump through, if she was to successfully find new recruits.

Even the Warriors locked up in institutions or stuck at dead-end jobs were reluctant to unlock their powers and use them for good. Those hiding in the new-age communities and woods were the easiest to convince. But Maggie Lee was doubtful of their long-term commitment.

There was always an impending danger that once they experienced the roughness of the training, they would disappear back into the communities they came from. The tradition stated very clearly that no Warrior could be trained against their own will and Maggie Lee was determined to follow the traditional path whenever possible. However, at times, following the traditional path was too challenging and unattainable, even for Maggie Lee and Georgia.

Unfortunately, the search for the right candidates that was intended to take days turned into weeks and involved lots of travelling to many destinations with travel restrictions. The aim of all those restrictions, including travelling, was to keep the minorities divided and out of touch with their own communities.

Finding Warriors was just the beginning of the long journey. Getting them on board, while asking them to disappear without a trace, was a lot to ask.

The Warrior training required a lot of sacrifices, which only a selected few were able to make.

Potential Candidates

After weeks of intensive search Maggie Lee’s and Georgia’s commitment paid off and a group of 25 potential candidates willing to join them in Ireland emerged. Nevertheless, Georgia wasn’t as optimistic and enthusiastic as Maggie Lee was. She was determined to get to know every candidate before they were allowed on the secret training grounds.

Maggie Lee was just eager to act as soon as possible and get out of London immediately.

Fortunately, she had to share her decision-making powers with Georgia and after a heated dispute they agreed to set up a Spiritual Group, giving themselves some time to vet the candidates, their potentials, commitment and will power before offering anyone a training spot.

Every Warrior was born with a specific knowledge and set of skills. This knowledge usually revealed itself at major life turns. But if the knowledge was buried deep inside, under the layers of fear, those Warriors needed to experience a lot of love, caring and safety to be able to reclaim what was theirs.

Majority of the participants in the Spiritual Group were women and the rest mystified men who didn’t feel they belonged anywhere in the world, which was all about belonging, preferably to the majority in power.

Georgia was secretly relieved when not everyone turned up for the first meeting. Out of 25 potential trainees only 20 showed up, which for Georgia was the best natural selection.

During the exhausting and intensive first week of training Maggie Lee focused on physical stamina of the candidates to test how able the group was. Physical vigour was of an essence for the Warriors to keep control of their powers. Besides, Maggie Lee also wanted to see what powers, if any, the Warriors connected to from within.

Georgia engaged the group with herbal remedies and shared with them the easiest herbal recipes that could save someone’s life. She wanted to hook the right candidates and presumed that something spectacular was in order.

The group Maggie Lee and Georgia put together was strong in their abilities but lacked commitment. For many of them, the whole concept of being a Warrior was too mystifying. And no Warrior could afford to be confused.

Maggie Lee wished that at least ten of the participants would be apt enough to join her, Georgia and Stephen in the new home away from what used to be home.