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What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the marketing of everything and anything you can create that can add value to your audience, readers, and viewers.

I am a strong believer that content is the key to building a nurturing community around your business, project or hobby.

However, before you jump with enthusiasm into creating content you need to remember that:

– creating content only for the sake of pushing your products is not going to bring you the desired results. The driving force behind creating content should be genuine such as the passion for sharing your knowledge to help others.
– the commitment the process requires; it is more like a marathon than the sprint.
– posting irregular content may not offer you what you are after.
– from the beginning, your audience, readers, and fans should know when you will post content. Is it going to be once a week, twice or maybe you need more time to research your blog posts and articles and need a month between posts? Make sure that the people who join your tribe know when new stuff is coming up.

The beauty of the content marketing is that every one of us is an expert in a very specific field and the fact that the Internet allows us to reach to so many people over days, weeks, months and years is priceless. Creating content, especially when you run a brand or try to create one, shouldn’t be a brainer in 2018.

Content is the future of advertising. Nobody wants to watch adverts, especially that majority continuously try to sell you shit you don’t need.
Consumers don’t want to be talked at or told what they need when they need it, and how they should consume those products. Customers are after experience and knowledge. If you can offer that to them with your content, you will succeed (it is not going to happen overnight, but it will happen). The modern buying culture has changed enormously nowadays. When someone wants to buy something, they google the product, check the reviews and ratings before making an informed decision.

Most of the people who end up on my website come from Google search. I don’t review products. However, I write about the subjects I’m an expert at or passionate about.
If someone happens to find my writing useful, I hope they come back. If they need more help, I have the services I offer. However, if they’re not going to buy anything from me or hire me, I’m still happy to be of service with my content. The ways the content marketing can create a two-way win-win situation for everyone are endless, full of potential and creativity.

So instead of complaining that you don’t have the money to advertise on the telly or in fancy magazines, start creating useful content, have fun doing that and don’t have unrealistic conversion expectations. Be confident in your skills and your knowledge. If you have been doing something for a very long time, you become an expert in that field, and there will be many people who would love to learn from you.

So take some time to decide what you like doing when it comes to creating content. Over time it may change, or you may wish to try different ways of communicating with your audience and fans.

Ways to create content:

– Blogs and articles
– Videos
– Video spots
– ‘How to’ videos
– Podcasts
– Infographics
– Life video streaming
– Photography

What is your preferred method to create content? Do you find content creation rewarding?

PS. We all learn from others who make videos or write articles so creating content based on your expertise is a nice way of giving back to the society.

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