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How to Breakdown Your Script?

Script breakdown is needed to do your budget correctly; to know how many cast & crew members you need or what props and costumes each scene will require. It is done to make the director and his creative team, as well as producers, live easier.

When I’m a director of the project, I sit down and do the script breakdown with my producer. Similarly, when I’m producing, I pull in a director to help me with it.

Below please find a list of what you need to include in your script breakdown to make it comprehensive:

  • You need to break down each scene so each scene will have to have all the following components
  • Locations
  • Cast & Crew members needed
  • Sound
  • Time of the day
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Equipment
  • Any additional notes.

Once you have your script breakdown ready, you can start working on both: your budget and the shooting schedule.


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