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What Did I Learn Over the Years Creating Content?

I have been creating online content since 2007, and back then nobody knew how to market and promote stuff online. People just didn’t know what worked and what didn’t since it was way too early to tell. The initial advice was to be active and to be everywhere. To be active on social media is apparently excellent advice but to be anywhere with your content, not so much.
To this day a lot of marketing and promotional campaigns are modelled on what worked for some people who managed to go viral. However, as with pretty much, everything in life, not all that is in fashion should be followed religiously by all. If what you follow works, stick with it, if it doesn’t, it’s time to move on.

Over the years I have learned the following lessons:

-You can create:
visual content
audio content
written content
the mixture of all above as long as you are consistent with your message you are trying to put forward.

-You don’t need to limit yourself to using only one outlet for your content creation.  Often people become experts in one field and have a sizeable following on one social media outlet before trying to conquer others.

– Be clear about what you want your content creation to help you achieve: more followers, more jobs, more friends etc. It will help you focus on how and what you should write or make visual content about.

-From my experience doing anything that doesn’t agree with you won’t work in the long run (I’ve been there and done that). Most likely you will put many hours in with very mediocre results if any.

-I realise that trying different marketing tactics to promote your content is time-consuming, but you will never know what works and what doesn’t for you and your content if you only stick with one tactic. Of course, I’m not saying you should change your tactics every week or so. But if after three months or so you don’t see the results you would like it may be time to look for a different approach.

-The quality of your content, mainly if you post videos on YouTube of FB, is also a marketing tactic. Depending on who you are planning to attract the quality of your videos will be dependent on that.
Sometimes handheld, scruffy videos are what you want and need to maintain your style and to communicate with your audience. But if what you’re after is high concept, high-quality videos be prepared to fork out some big bucks as it will require serious financial and time resources. Of course, you can always find a way in between, right for you and your project.

-Whatever you decide you ought to be consistent. Of course, you can create various contents around several subjects that will require different styles. (think sitcom, docudrama, drama, thriller etc.).

-Your content is going to evolve together with you. So if you feel crazy and want to delete everything you have ever created don’t. Wait at least one more day before doing that.

-Sometimes the best thing you can do is to walk away from writing, editing or shooting for a few days. It does help to clear your head and not drive you crazy, especially when you run out of ideas.

-Creating visual content takes time and sometimes the fact that it takes so long makes you want not to do it. In that situation, you can either hire someone to help you or have a limited number of episodes (if this is a weekly thing). Just remember taking too much time away from your content may cause you to lose your motivation to carry on altogether.


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Magda Olchawska is an award-winning independent filmmaker, writer and screenwriter. She writes not only about making films and writing but also about financially independent and sustainable lifestyle. Her current projects include Ecotopia Universe and School Runs.

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