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15 Visual Content Creation Tips

  1. Do you have a script or treatment ready before the shooting commences? If yes, make sure it is accommodating to your budget, if not, don’t start shooting but work on your script/treatment until it’s ready.
  2. Do you have a budget set aside for your production? I know that often people say that they are working on a no-budget production but believe me, even that production still requires money. If you are shooting live-action, you need to pay, at least, for travel and food. If you are using images, you must be using relevant pictures for your story and at one point or another, you will likely come to the point where you’ll have to pay for something.
  3. If you use stock photos, please don’t confuse your audience by using images that don’t have anything to do with your story or product.
  4. Make sure your sound is good. I don’t mean that you should spend much money on sound equipment;  make sure there isn’t anything too noisy around you while you are recording. It may be difficult and expensive to remove that sound in post-production.
  5. If you are using still photos and captions for your video, consider adding music.
  6. Creating good quality visual content is going to cost some money. Of course, you can find a lot of free stuff online, but the question is what you want your video to represent. If your video is representing your company and all your still photos are outdated what message you are sending to the world? Think about the images before you rush into production.
  7. Take your time while creating content; it takes time to figure everything out (pre-production stage).
  8. Seek advice from people who know what they are doing and have good credentials.
  9. The more people you ask for advice, the more opinions you will have to deal with. Have a small group of people who will advise you on the project.
  10. Have a deadline. If you don’t have deadlines, the whole project is going to take you much longer than you are anticipating.
  11. Have a list of steps you need to take to complete your project (daily as well as the whole project list).
  12. Remember, your video most likely isn’t going to be perfect. Don’t worry about that.
  13. You need to know the audience you are creating your video for and why you are creating your video; otherwise it may be a waste of your time trying to make something for everyone.
  14. If you are stuck, go and work on your other projects. It usually works for me.
  15. Delegate, delegate, delegate. If there is something you are not particularly good or strong as you should find people who can help you.

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