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Another Way…

I have known I would make films, write, travel, and observe people while sipping coffee in coffee shops since I was 7. In my child-like mind, leading a creative life was the only way I could escape the reality of 1980s Poland. I began my… Read more

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Changing the Location Could Reopen Gates to Your Creativity

As every year, also this year I spend the summer at my parent’s country house in Poland. However, unlike any previous summer, during the summer of 2022, I had very little time for my creative practice. Not to fall behind on my ongoing projects, every… Read more

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My Creative Words for 2022

I have been thinking a lot about my creativity recently, and accidentally or not, I watched a video where the host talked about the words, they were going to use in 2022 to describe the actions they need to take to reach their goals for… Read more

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Digital Media to Boost Your Creative Visibility

I must say that without the digital media exposure, your efforts to build a sustainable career in the creative arts sector may be very limited. I believe in having choices and options, which the Internet, together with the social media, offer to everyone and anyone… Read more

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What Is Creativity?

In my opinion creativity “lives” (yes, I do think creativity is alive) in small details and can be found in the most unusual and unexpected places, usually at times when you, the creator, don’t expect it to take hold of you. Humans are creative beings… Read more