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What Is the Difference Between Social Media Manager and Digital Media Strategist?

A social media manager is a person who will monitor and contribute to your social media outreach. That person will post for you, tweet for you, reply to the comments and in general engage in the conversation on your social media platforms for you, your brand, and your products. They will represent your work and your brand of social media, which means that this person should be social media savvy.

Social media manager also administrates the creation or can create content based on the digital media strategy designed for your brand. Often they are asked to create content or hire the right people to develop the content for the brand if they can’t create it themselves. By content I mean: blogs, videos, spots, trailers, graphics, podcasts; anything that could be used to build brand’s awareness.

A social media manager needs to be a very well organised person who knows how to promote content online, manage this content and implement publishing schedule.

It is a fun role that requires diverse skills and flexibility and good customer skills.

A digital media strategist is a person who can come up with creative solutions to problems faced by brands or individuals. For instance, you have a film, a book, or a new product that you would like to market and promote. A digital media strategist helps you understand what the problem you are facing is (such as not being able to reach the right audience or not being able to attract audience at all), while trying to market and promote your product or idea/s and finds creative solutions for your problem/s that can get your moving in the right direction. Digital media strategist helps to create plans and sets goals and asks lots of questions in the process to find solutions to solve problems you are currently facing.


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