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“The Tourist Attractions”

Clever Girl has never been to tourist attractions regardless of where it might have been. She prefers to sit in a coffee shop observing people while sipping her Latte. Besides, as we all know by now, Clever Girl is not a fan of spending money on silly stuff.

However, sometimes the occasion calls for spending. For Father’s Day, she decided to take her family to the tallest building in London. Dads were able to go for free, and that is the kind of savings Clever Girl likes. She wasn’t wholly sure herself if she should or shouldn’t go, but the kids wanted her to join in. So they all went up to admire London from high above. Luckily it was not extremely cloudy, and it wasn’t raining for a change (yeah!!!).

In a nutshell, the whole experience was just dull and disgracefully overpriced; and so not worth the time and the money. I know, I know; you may think that the tallest building was a massive investment and the venue needs to hire a lot of stuff, and… I understand all that. But charging people £30 for looking at the view, which in fact belongs to everyone (the view is not private, even though I’m more than confident some people would love to make it private, and I bet that the governmental minions are thinking hard how to sell it) is a bit of madness. (I’m not going to mention the £12 for a glass of champagne.) The whole experience lasted 30 min (which still is a pretty long time to look at buildings while trying not to throw up) and all this time Clever Girl was trying to figure out why she allowed herself to be fuelled. At last, she came up with no conclusion.
The Clever Girl didn’t feel that bright after all; in fact, she left the building feeling pretty stupid.

The whole trip proved to be somewhat worthless, and Clever Girl promised to herself that there is no fucking way she was going to spend even a penny more in the tallest building at all.


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