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“Parents, Start Paying Attention!!!”

As a good mom, the Clever Girl tries to go with her son to as many of his football practice sessions as she can. You must know here that Clever Girl is not a huge football fan & in all honesty football pisses her off big time. One of the main reasons for that is probably the fact that her other half and his mates talk mostly football every time they meet.

Clever Girl knows that her son is not going to be David Beckham, but she has never forced him into becoming a footballer.

Most astonishingly, her son enjoys standing in goal and tries to do so as often as he can. He also does the most adorable happy dance every time his team scores.

So, while her son is trying his best playing football, the Clever Girl enjoys observing him giving him her full attention.

She proudly watches how he exercises, plays and interacts with other children. Unfortunately, she seems to be an exception. At the most recent practice, she noticed that most of the parents are extremely busy watching their… phones. Clever Girl understands that life is fast-paced and grow-ups need to be connected to the global network 24/7, and especially on a Saturday morning. Or, what is even more important, try to set their personal bests in just another online game.

Seriously people; WTH is wrong with you!!! Can’t you even find an hour for your child? What is the point of having children in the first place if you have no time for them?

In all fairness first shock came before the practice even started; when Clever Girl heard one mother screaming at her small son who seemed to be enormously disturbed by her screams. After the Clever Girl poured out her rage and frustration, she went straight to her phone and for the whole hour was too engaged with her phone to see how well her son was doing. She couldn’t even be bothered to look up at the little one when he came to have some water. Way to go woman!!!

One father was so consumed by his phone (of course he didn’t look up even once at his son from the bloody screen) that his son thought that the father was gone and burst into tears while looking for him. After a few minutes, the father emerged quite surprised that his son couldn’t find him. He was seated at the same spot all this time, although children were moving in small groups all around the pitch doing different exercises. According to the father, it was an unnecessary tantrum, and if the boy wants to be a real man, he shouldn’t cry.

Clever Girl wanted to slap both of the fuckers. No, she wanted to shove their phones up their asses!!!

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