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The Best Advice Ever

If our thinking or intuition (different people use different tools to make decisions) is somehow not functioning properly (many different reasons for that to happen, which I’m not going to cover in this blog), we may experience vulnerability and be easily persuaded into making decisions that don’t necessarily serve our best interest.

Often, people feel confused and it influences the parts of the brain responsible for thinking and intuition. Such affected people may find hard to focus and they reach out to others in the search for help in a decision-making process.

I know it well from my own experience. When I feel confused I shouldn’t be making any kind of long-term, life-changing decisions as there is a big chance I won’t get it right.

Obviously, I very well understand that turning to a family member or a friend for advice when our own judgment is compromised, is a logical step. However, the most important question is whether we should actually follow that advice to the tee or treat it only as someone else’s opinion. I bet we all have asked people for advice and followed that advice only to come to regret our choice.

I must admit that at least three times in my adult life those decisions that were helped to make by others altered my life in a rather negative way. In each of those cases, the advice seemed to be good and made perfect sense to me at the time. However, in a long run, they were far from good for me and my career.

Each time when I started reaping the consequences of those decisions I went into denial and began blaming the people I allowed to decide for me. Naturally, that was simply plain stupid. The only person I could and should blame in all three situations was me. I was the one who asked for advice, followed it, and got side-tracked from what I should be really focusing on to make a progress in my career.

Over the years I have become a strong believer in taking responsibility for one’s life so no more blaming others, life is way too short for that.

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