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Mind Games

I bet we all played mind games in high school, just to get back at our mortal enemies, or to amuse our wondering minds, or possibly just to survive the jungle the high school is.

When I was growing up, I had this romantic idea of being a grown up and behaving responsibly just like the adults should. However, once I moved on from my childhood into my teenage years followed by adult life I realised that adulthood is, more or less, just like high school: often painful, unpredictable and overflowing with mind games coming at you from every possible direction.
I have always tried to be an honest person. What you see what you get kind of gal. Unfortunately, this attitude often gets me in trouble. I’m either too honest or too reserved with my opinions and judgments. I can never figure out what is the politically correct response that would and could save my skin. It is about saving your skin, right? The bottom line for me is always honesty. Honesty without mind games, which at times is close to impossible.
I genuinely despise adults who play mind games with others as a form of entertainment and control.
I’m sure you are familiar with the situation when someone tells you one thing and then does something opposite but never comes clean to you while still pretending that everything is as it should be. But the reality is very different. In the process the truth gets distorted, and the lie creates new, faux reality.

I know some people like mind games and are experts at playing those. I had a few boyfriends like that, and now when I come to think about it, I hated every minute of those experiments. To me personally playing “mind games” is unethical, challenging to get out of and too consuming. Trying to understand the ‘player’ is counterproductive, and most often, the whole game means completely nothing; it is there to amuse the player.
Mind games usually have no logic and often are played by people who want to control others, control the situation; or control the outcome (whatever it may be). I try to stay away from the mind gamers; time is the only commodity we can’t have more of. We cannot buy extra time so wasting it on people who are not worth it, is rather stupid.

Instead, let’s do some good deeds and spread kindness.



  1. Hello Magda Olchawska,
    This is James and I just want to commend you for understanding the topic of Mindgames. And explaining it in a way to also help others who really have a hard time comprehending there are individuals like this.

    At the very least, I have saved this bookmarked article for my personal and professional research.

    I would like use this article with full attribution to you in the future.

    I agree with your thoughts here “let’s do some good deeds and spread the kindness.”

    Sometimes this involves warning or explaining to someone else, one on one when necessary, exactly what they may be experiencing.

    Magda, Take care,
    Product of Culture website Author/Writer

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