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Ron Howard’s Filmmaking Tips

  • As a filmmaker, you ought to feel emotionally, not intellectually, connected to the story. You should live, breath and dream the story.


  • If you ask your audience to invest their time and money in your film, you need to be certain that the story has something different and exciting to show.
  • Always look for powerful moments in the story.  Once you find them, you can build scenes based on those moments.
  • It’s easy to fall in love with the story, but part of your job as a filmmaker is to step back, evaluate the story objectively, and find its strong and weak points before you commit to that story.
  • Ron advises his fellow filmmakers to learn how their collaborators work. That helps to create an environment, which allows everyone on the team excels at their craft while giving their best.
  • If anyone Ron works with (it means that he respects that person enough to hire them) has an intuitive suggestion regarding the scene, he will test that suggestion. He believes that this rule allows people to get deeply involved in the project and makes it easier to say “no” if he needs to. Collaboration is important, but at the end of the day, you, a director, are the person, who makes the decisions what stays and what goes.
  • As a director, you should trust your instincts while digging into your box of filmmaking tools skillfully.
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