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Writing Tips From Judy Blume

1. Reading is the key to writing. Read as many books as possible and then start writing.

2. The only way to learn how to write is to practice, and that takes time. No magic tricks or fast rules will allow you to skip the hard work that writing requires. 

3. Your individuality is what will make you stand out as a writer.

4. Before you start writing books, you need to be a reader first. Reading will help you figure out how to tell your own stories.

5. Judy is a firm believer in determination, which she feels is as important as having talent. You must be determined enough to stick with writing, when times are hard and reach for the stars when the opportunity comes knocking your way.

6. You never know when the idea for a story will come to you. In reality, the idea doesn’t have to be fully developed to write a whole book right away. Sometimes a small detail is enough to spark your imagination. When that happens, allow that idea to take over and see where it takes you.

7. To create realistic and relatable characters, you should invest time and energy into creating details. Observe everyday life, pay attention to details and how they shape real people and their lives.

8. Using real-life experience in your stories is great, but don’t forget to add imagination to the mix; describing just everyday real life might be boring.

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