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7 Filmmaking Tips From Martin Scorsese

1. You should always think carefully about your camera choices.

2. There are no manuals, no shortcuts and no secrets to finding your own way. You learn everything by doing the work.

3. As a director, you will always have to make some hard decisions, and in the process, kill some of your darlings while editing.

4. As a director, you are the core decision-maker, which is your most important responsibility on the set. Always be truthful to your vision. Sometimes you will have to remind yourself of that vision and block everything and everyone from entering your inner space.

5. Go and spend time in the location you will be shooting. Don’t just trust stills and images; it’s important that you know how your location looks like during the different times of the day.

6. As a director, you should try acting too to see how it is like to hit your mark, interact with another actor or get a sense of how it feels like to be filmed.

7. Casting is 85-90% of the film. That’s why it is so important to insist on the actors you want for your film. You must meet with your actors and see how they will work together and individually. It is also imperative to your work as a director to see how you feel working with those actors.

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