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List of 10 Ideas To Make Your Film’s Self-Distribution Successful

1. Setting up your distribution goals is as important as assembling a team of creative minds to help you achieve them. If you are working with an issue-driven film, like my feature film “Anna & Modern Day Slavery”you should see how you can use the subject matter to attract an audience and create impact with your film and campaign.

2. While looking for collaborators make sure you work with people who understand your goals and your film. Don’t work with assholes, it’s not worth it.

3. While looking for consultants for your film, see what they specialise in, i.e.: action films, indie films, impact films etc.

4. Are you planning on a broadcast release? Think carefully about your distribution window and don’t agree to anything you cannot deliver on.

5. DVD and BluRay sales can be pretty lucrative, especially for small-ish productions, so don’t dismiss this outlet entirely.

6. Digital marketing includes: managing social media accounts, social media asset creation, ad creation and ad management.

7. Often the most popular screenings of indie films are when the cast and creators are attending the Q&A session after. So think about organising screenings with the creators in attendance.

8. Don’t try to promote your film to everyone; it won’t work. Focus your assets and your campaign on your targeted audience.

9. Remember that people watch films in different ways, so be accommodating to those who prefer to watch on their phones or tablets. A theatrical release is not the only way people access movies nowadays.

10. Consider international release. If you don’t distribute your film internationally, the odds of having pirate copies everywhere is massive, which in a long run will impact your sales.

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