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7 Things You Need to Do Before Going Live With Your Crowdfunding Campaign

1. Have your campaign video ready, and don’t make it longer than 2,5 – 3 mins. There is plenty of content online, and the audience has a short attention span, so you need to pitch them quickly and efficiently, and the research shows that 2 minutes for doing that is ideal. But I’m suggesting a bit longer because people will know that this is a campaign video so will be prepared to devote another minute of their time.

2. Have your campaign page clean with only relevant information about your project or product on. Don’t overcrowd your campaign page with graphics or information that are irrelevant.

3. Have your social media outreach plan ready. If you are tweeting a lot, have your tweets ready and scheduled. Try to incorporate visuals such as pictures or/and graphics to enhance the audience’s curiosity and engage them in a conversation.

4. Set realistic financial goals for your campaign. Think about your budget and make sure that this funding will cover your needs. If you ask for too much, you may not reach your goal; and if you ask for too little, you will struggle to make your film or your product.

5. Reach out to organisations you could team up with, which could help you with reaching a wider audience, especially when you are making an impact film and are planning to raise awareness about the specific subject matter (as I have done with my feature film Anna & Modern Day Slavery”) with your product.

6. You should have a couple of brainstorming sessions with your friends before your campaign kicks off to create a list of creative ideas that you could use to make it more interesting and more visible to the audience.

7. Know who your audience is. No product, film or book is for everyone. You need to know your audience; otherwise, you won’t be able to approach the right people who could support you. If you start approaching everyone, it will require significant amounts of energy that may as well turned out wasted because you didn’t do your homework and didn’t find your niche audience.

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