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My Second Crowdfunding Campaign: “Anna & Modern Day Slavery”

Social Media Recap

As I said before, and I will keep banging on about this if you aren’t present on any social media/networking outlets/websites, your first task is to join a few. Choose 3 or 4 at most, not to spread yourself too thinly. You may find that you prefer one site over all the others and if you can see positive results using just one, go for it. Simply stick with that one and forget about the other websites for the time being.

If you are a filmmaker, like me, you can join the number of filmmaking networking websites, forums or communities. However, do keep in mind that most filmmakers will be in a similar position as you are, that is looking for money for their projects. I would advise building your community beyond the filmmaking community to give yourself a better chance of succeeding.

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