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12 Tips How To Turn Your Audience into Raving Fans?

1. It is not going to happen overnight. Be ready and prepared to put some serious time into that.

2. You need to create content that your audience can resonate with. You need to find your core audience that you think will like to see your film and connect with your work on an emotional level.

3. On social media self-serving, selfish behaviour hardly ever pays off; so don’t be focused only on yourself.

4. Connect with your audience and, based on that connection, build a relationship with them. Don’t treat your audience only as numbers; they are people, who happen to find your work interesting.

5. I believe in personal touch; be yourself and be authentic. I don’t pretend to be someone I am not. Neither should you.

6. Respect your audience and don’t get into pointless disagreements that don’t serve your community.

7. Give yourself time to build genuine relationships with your audience.

8. Care for your audience.

9. Gaining credibility takes time, so give yourself and your work time (hence planning for finding an audience for your film early on in your project).

10. Consistency is critical.

11. Limit the places where you want to make an impact with your film and expand your outreach from that.

12. Deliver what you promise. If you are releasing a comedy, don’t market it as, say, horror.

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