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When You Are New to Filmmaking, You Should…

1. Pay constant attention to what is happening in the business. Find few of news publications you like reading and check them on a daily basis. I’m not asking you to read every article but check the headlines and see what is in and what is out.

2. Learn, learn and learn even more. This is a motto that will dominate your filmmaking career so start learning from everyone and everything you watch or read.

3. Decide what you want to do in the film industry. There are so many roles you could take that knowing which direction you want to go, will help you focus and not get distracted. Of course, you can change your calling along the way.

4. Work on your stuff. Don’t wait for an agent or studio to call you and invite you to work for them; you may wait for a long time. Just make your stuff.

5. Find ways of building your tribe online.

6. Find ways to market and promote your work.

7. Take chances. What is the worst that can happen?

8. If you are not good at or don’t feel comfortable doing traditional marketing events, don’t do them. Find other ways to meet people. Nowadays you really have plenty.

9. You need to be very determined not to quit; it is a long path, often paved with a lot of ‘no’s. So get ready for a bumpy ride.

10. Learn mindfulness and work on yourself. You will need you and calmness when everything is going shitty for your career.

11. Believe in yourself, be kind to others (karma does come back) and ask if there is something you don’t know, no one expects you to know everything.

Happy filmmaking,


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