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“What My Son Taught Me This Week?”

I’m going to be very honest in here; I had a technically challenging nightmare of a week. It was as if the whole universe conspired against my technical abilities.

It all started with my computer playing up on Monday when, without any warning whatsoever, my shining new charger decided to quit working.

To get a new MacBook Pro charger, I need to take a trip to Bromley, which may sound not like a long drive but it’s London, so there are no short drives.

Not feeling up to the task of being stuck in traffic I decided to use other technological devices to keep me going for a couple of days.

I started with a borrowed PC, which turned out to be beyond my abilities to operate. To illustrate how bad it was, I was not able to connect to my home Internet. Apparently, after years of being loyal to Apple, I’m entirely Windows illiterate.

As a last resort, I turned to my tablet. Despite everything that had happened, I started calmly as any person should but when the damn thing didn’t want to cooperate; and I know it was doing this merely to be unkind, nasty and make my life difficult, I kind of lost it. As it often happens I let my frustration out by swearing a lot and very loudly, I might have been even screaming. My little boy, who only recently turned 7, was the sole witness of an unequal fight between the technology and his mom. To my great surprise he, the child I try to teach about life and a bunch of other stuff looked at me and said calmly:

“You shouldn’t be saying that you hate the table or that you don’t like it or that you are going to give it away. Father Christmas gave it to you, and he worked very hard to get it for you. You should be more grateful, mommy.”

So, thank you, Father Christmas, for my tablet, and huge thank you to my Sunshine for reminding me to remember.


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