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What Is Spike Lee’s Writing Process Like?

Spike Lee is an American film director, producer, writer and actor. He is known for such films as: “She’s Gotta Have It”, “Do the Right Thing”, “Malcolm X” and, most recently, “BlackkKlansman”. 

  • Spike always dedicates one notebook, in which he collects ideas for a story, names of the characters, dialogue, plot points, etc.
  • Once the notebook is filled up, he transfers all those ideas into the index cards.
  • He puts the index cards in order, in which he would like the story to go. This process helps him visualize the story.
  • At the same time as working on the fictional elements of the story, Spike is also doing his research (of course if this is what his story requires).
  • The research combined with the fictional elements of the story gives him enough material to start writing the script.
  • He believes that everyone should devote a specific time of the day to just writing the script without any external interruptions such as emails, phone calls or social media.
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