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Freelancing vs Employment

The pandemic quickly re-shaped the employment landscape, making work from home more acceptable, accessible, and preferred choice for most. A new normal has emerged for the working population. Since the working model has changed quite drastically in such a short period, many new opportunities have… Read more

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Filmmaker Is an Entrepreneur As Well

Filmmaking used to be about making films, period. A filmmaker’s job was to make a film. But with the new and exciting age of the Internet filmmaking is not only what it used to be and producing a film is just a part of that… Read more

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Lessons to Be Learnt from Richard Hendricks

The Silicon Valley show has been on for five seasons already. I watched them all, and I must say that I liked season 5 the most. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it depicts a story about a group of coders working in… Read more