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How to Create Press Kit for Film Festivals or Media Outlet?

PRESS KIT – is needed for film festivals, film markets and also when you send the film to a potential sales agent or distribution company. You must ensure that your press kit looks as professional as possible.

I usually send my press kit on a CD (always make sure that the CD is compatible for both Mac & PC) since the hard copy would be too expensive to produce (all the photocopying) and send off.


Film information package

  1. Film synopsis:
    Sometimes the festival (or any other organisation) requires a specific number of words for the synopsis so check the terms & conditions carefully or ask if you are not sure.
  2. Director’s statement – this is usually constructed from the director’s thoughts on the project. I typically write about the script, work on a set, cast and crew as well as what I would have done differently if I were to do this movie again. But remember, you have to keep it short. Include the website of the film if there is one.
  3. Production notes – again small amount of information regarding the production process (I usually include funny stories that happened during the production stage and how the production went and how much of the initial script/idea ended up in the final film) as well as who supported the production and, often importantly, actually why the film was made (sometimes exciting stories are behind a film, which can be useful for promotion). Remember to include the website of the film.
  4. Completed film credits list (The easiest way to do it is to copy the end credits)
  5. Technical information (you can also include the information on the actual copy of the film, which is a requirement from most of the festivals or other organisations).
    This includes:
    running time,
    colour or B/W,
    screening format,
    original format,
    screening aspect ratio,
    original language and the language of subtitles.
  6. English dialogue list.
    Remember this is not the list of the whole dialogue that was in a script but only the one that was used in the film.
  7. Film awards and appearances:
    –     Awards that have been won
    –     Festival appearances (name and place of the festival, date of the festival)
    –     Festivals the film is going to be screened at
    –     Other appearances, at events, cinemas, etc.
    –    Awards that have been nominated for.
  8. Actor’s statement – it’s not essential, but it’s good to have the actors statement on the film and on the work the actor did on the film. Remember to include the website of the film.


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