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Check Out How to Create One Page Sheet for Your Film?

ONE PAGE SHEET FOR YOUR FILM is a single document that informs and advertises that the film is ready for sale and publicity.

It consists of:


Production Company: (Name of the production company/-is in charge of bringing your film to screen)

Film website

Contact: (Email addresses and phone numbers to let people know how to get in touch with you/production team)

Logline: (Your film’s plot in as few words as possible (25-35 words is fine))

Story: (What story you are trying to tell in your film)

Buzz: (How you are planning and proposing to create a buzz for your film)

Crew: (What crew you have behind this project. Who has worked on this film)

Talent: (Let people know who is appearing in your film)

Location: (Where your film is going to be shot)

Budget & Financing: (What your budget is and how you have financed your film, how you are going to collect money for your film)

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