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Learn How to Make a Promotional Sheet for Your Film?

FILM PROMOTIONAL SHEET – is a document used for promoting your film. A new promotional sheet should be used at every stage of your production, therefore, ensure that changes can be made.

The promotional sheet is ideally as small as a postcard, and on one side you should have your movie’s poster or a promotional still and on the other hand, all of the information, (or at least as much information as you can gather) provided in this document. Remember, be creative designing your promotional sheet, so it catches the eye but also be informative. The information to put on the sheet are:


Website/Social Media 

Contact email

Type: (Feature Narrative Film, Short Narrative Film, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Animation Feature, Animation Short, etc.)

Category/Genre: (Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Science-fiction, Comedy, etc.)

Year of Production

Logline: (Your film’s plot in as few words as possible)

Duration: (How long your movie is/will be

Production Stage: (What stage of the production process you are at)

Release Date: (When you are planning to release, distribute your film, give the most approximate date as you can)

Country of production: (Country/is of production, co-production 

Original Language 

Dubbing: (What language/-s your film is dubbed into, if any)

Subtitles: (What language/-s your film is subtitled in if any)

Sound format: (Dolby Stereo, Dolby Digital, Dolby SR, etc.)

Shooting Format: (What format/camera you are shooting/shot your film on)

Delivery Format: (What the screening format(s) is/are)

Aspect Ratio: (16:9, 4:3, …)


Cast: (If you know your cast already, put their names)

Crew: (If you know your crew members already, put their names)

Registration number: (Registration number and organisation where you registered your script)

Production period: (How long it is going to take you to produce your film including all of the production stages)




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