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Scriptwriting In A Nutshell: External Antagonist and/or Obstacle

As a writer, you need to care for your external antagonist as much as you care for your main character. The external antagonist or the external obstacle that the main character is trying to overcome is going to drive your story; and a strong, consistent obstacle or antagonist can only benefit your story.

Things, bad things need to happen to your hero before they reach the end of their journey. Those events are triggered by the antagonist or obstacles, which often are out of the hero’s control. As a writer, you have to make the antagonist or the obstacles compelling enough for the audience to care for them. Often in films and stories, if the antagonist is not as strong and compelling as the protagonist, the story isn’t exciting and fails to attract an audience or readers.

So, while working on your external antagonist or the external obstacles that at the end of the day will make your character take action, you need to make sure that those are characters and circumstances you, as a writer, care about because if you don’t, the chances are that your audience won’t care either. 

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