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Brexit Is Starting to Affect My Son

By now anyone and everyone (that includes many hardcore Brexiters too) know that Brexit is one big shamble that is only going to benefit very few and ruin lives, businesses, dreams, and hopes of many more.

The fact that the British government is incapable of delivering any kind of Brexit deal and acts like a spoiled little kid in the playground is affecting everyone, regardless of what one voted for. If you have not felt the consequences of the Brexit vote yet, just take a look at the weak Sterling, prices creeping up, businesses going down or moving abroad are all the symptoms of the Leave Vote. Still not convinced, don’t worry. Give it a year or two after the Festival of Brexit and you will start feeling the full impact.

Yes, I’m European and a firm believer in united Europe. Having said that, I’m not naive to think that the EU is without its problems. No party, no country, and no alliance is perfect.

My take on Brexit and rise of the nationalistic sentiments around the world is that someone with strong, ill political agenda (I wonder who they might be or might represent, hmmm…) would want to wish for the EU bloc to fall apart, become fragmented and weak. History likes repeating itself, and it seems that people have already forgotten why the EU was created in the first place (Do you remember the WWII???).

The Brexit fear and what comes after is also starting to affect Little M. since it’s tough to avoid the Brexit talk as it’s constantly right in your face. Everywhere you look, the negative impact on the economy and lives of ordinary citizens can be felt. The wealthy will stay wealthy; we surely don’t have to worry about them. At the end of the day, they can always buy one of the European passports if the new UK is going to become too unbearable for their liking.

Little M., who spent most of his life in London, has started asking questions about Brexit, what it is and means, why people voted Brexit, and why we weren’t allowed to vote if that affects us so greatly. I have no good answers to any of those questions.  He keeps asking why the British people don’t want us here if they also live in Spain, Poland, and other European countries. His little ten-year-old brain would like to know why, all of a sudden, we are an unbearable burden. I honestly can’t come up with anything that would make logical sense.

I understand that people in the UK may not have been happy but it wasn’t the European Union that implemented austerity, it wasn’t the European Union that allowed international corporate giants to pay zero taxes, it wasn’t the EU that privatised everything and anything that was to privatise and it is surely not the EU that is trying to privatise the NHS and promotes zero contracts. The Tories and their right-wing propaganda machine managed to find a perfect scapegoat – big bad wolf – European Union, for their incompetence.

Little M. Has been feeling distressed recently. Most likely he will eventually move to another European country, leaving his early childhood friends (he loves his friends, and the idea of not being able to see them adds to his anxiety) behind because someone somewhere decided that Brexit would be a fantastic way to make shit lots of money, leaving the rest of the society poorer. But who really gives a fuck about the poor and the society if money can be made, quickly and easily.

So if the establishment is telling you that Brexit is not going to affect you, once again this is a big fat lie. Like all the other lies the Leavers told the believers. I had spent my childhood in a country with little food, no variety, no money, and surely this is not something I would wish on anyone. However, from what I see the no-deal Brexit is running exactly towards that scenario.

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