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“WTF Is Wrong With Having an Old Fashion Conversation Around the Dinner Table?”

Clever Girl is not the mother of the year. She likes working, loves going out and spending money on herself not only on her children. Her every conversation doesn’t start with “Guess what my precious monkey did today, this morning or an hour ago…” She talks about her children, but in her humble opinion, there is always time and place for that.

When she is with her kids, she is with her kids giving them 100% of her attention. Of course, at times there are incidents when she browses through her FB especially when she is made to watch Thomas for the 100th time or picks up a phone call but never while eating together. She never gives her kids a Smartphone or an iPad (doesn’t even have one) to keep them quiet while waiting for the doctor’s appointment or going on a train or having brunch with friends and family.

Don’t get her wrong she gets that under certain circumstances the use of modern technologies is required to occupy a child for the time being. But using gadgets every single time a grown-up suppose to be spending quality time with the little one is purely fucked up. What is the point of having children if one wants them to be as quiet and invisible as possible?

Spending quality time with children is what builds their relationship skills. How otherwise are the youngsters suppose to learn how to communicate and build relations with others? Let’s just be honest here: relationships are what matters the most in life, and it’s not an easy task to build a good lasting relationship as most adults know by now.

Modern gadgets are just that modern gadgets that won’t provide emotional support when you need it the most.

WTF is wrong with having an old fashion conversation around the dinner table or playing imaginary games while waiting for an appointment or food in the restaurant.

Clever Girl doesn’t want to be critical of parental choices of other parents, but people wake the fuck up and build the relationship with your kids before it’s too late.


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