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What Motivates Your Audience?

Motivating an audience to stick with the story you have created is an art form. Creating a piece of art that will get your audience trapped in that piece, wanting more from the story, is something every writer aspires to.

However, the question for many writers has always been what is this amazingly magical ingredient that could help writers motivate their audience to stick with the story. Below you will find a list of a few ingredients to consider while trying to reach your audience with your story:

1. The audience doesn’t want to be just a casual observer. Your audience wants to be engaged in the story so do everything you can to engage them.

2. The audience wants to be given clues to put the whole story together in their heads.

3. Surprise your audience with a reversal now and then. Surprise them with something they didn’t see coming. This turn of events will make their experience more exciting and satisfying.

4. Don’t create something that seems or feels too unbelievable for the story you are writing. Your audience is intelligent and knows when something doesn’t sit.

5. Don’t confuse your audience; even the smallest confusion can throw them off the storyline.

6. Know the audience you are writing for. If you don’t, you may end up being lost yourself.

7. Try to capture your audience with something they already know, such as shared experiences.

8. Hook your audience with that shared experience, so that they keep on exploring the story.

9. Keep your audience engaged by twists, turns, and cliff-hangers.

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