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Pitching Your Projects 

Pitching projects to decision-makers, other filmmakers, financiers, and anyone else who could help you get your project off the ground is not an easy job. It requires skills and practice, as well as determination and persistence. There are specific formulas for pitching projects at different pitching… Read more

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Effective Pitching For Filmmakers, Writers and Storytellers

Before you even begin to think about pitching  your projects to anyone, I would strongly advise you to answer and identify the following questions: – What is your target market? Do you know your target market, niche audience? Who is going to buy your product,… Read more

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Pitch: What Is It and What It Means in Film Industry?

You hear it all the time: “you need to have a good pitch to be able to get the grant or get any funding for your project.” But what is this pitching thing is and what does it mean to have a good pitch? Should… Read more