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London Is Lagging Behind

In 2016 the UK decided to leave the European Union. The moment the Leave vote won, the drama surrounding the deal, no deal, ministers, elections, and the basic understanding of what leaving the EU would mean for the UK took over every inch of political and social life. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, the majority, including the politicians voting to leave the EU, didn’t understand what EU is and what leaving the EU means.

So much efforts, energy and money has been already devoted to Brexit that London, which used to be one of the most exciting cities in the world, is starting to fall behind many other European cities, which are pioneering in sustainability, sustainable lifestyle and start-ups creating conscious economy, conscious consumption, and conscious lifestyle.
Like any other mammoth city, London needs sustainability; it needs green incentives, cleaner air and, in London’s case, it surely needs a conscious lifestyle. But unfortunately, London is way too busy, focusing on Brexit and what it means for the city’s economy, art sector and future development.

We have already lost over two years that could have been used for making the city greener and friendlier to live in, a city pioneering in conscious business and consumerism, proud of its sustainability status. But hardly anyone is talking about sustainability and how plastic pollution is overtaking our world.

If Brexit really takes the form everyone is predicting it will, London most likely will become more polluted, less innovative, and less sustainable. The future is in innovation and new pioneering technologies that could help the society grow and move towards sustainable and renewable lifestyle. Unfortunately, in this crucial time, London’s potential and attention is going into something completely bonkers that is already significantly benefiting the chosen few.

To save the planet we all need to put our resources together and stick together, not be separated (Brexit means separation). The focus should be on alternative energies and fuel initiatives, on creating a plastic-free sustainable lifestyle and on finding ways of cleaning up the pollution we’ve created. London’s focus and energy shouldn’t go to deal (the UK had a deal, remember, the EU membership!!!) or no deal or political dramas and climate deniers, strongly supported by the right-wing extremists, shown way too much in the mainstream media.

London is drained by the current state of affairs making sustainability and sustainable living in our city as far off for us as concurring Mars, and that is just one of the many blessings Brexit has bestowed upon us.

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