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How To Launch Digital Media Campaign For Your Film?

Creating your own digital marketing campaign can be challenging, time-consuming and often confusing. Since indie filmmakers have to wear many hats as it is I have created a list that will help you plan for the big day (big opening :)). By following those stages one after another you are increasing your chances of a successful release ($£).


Building awareness of your project, which includes: audience building, a page like ads, poster, trailer, or promotional video.


Validation, which includes: rave reviews, features, interviews, TV, radio, online appearances, and guest blog posts.


If you are doing the theatrical release, you will need geo-targeted ads with an obvious Call to Action button that links to the ticketing website or your film’s landing page. You must be very clear about what you need your visitors to do.


If you are taking the digital road, pre-orders are an essential part of your campaign. Pre-orders will help you rank higher on iTunes which is a massive advantage in today’s overcrowded market. For stage 4 to be successful, you should create a shareable 30-sec spot with a Call-to-Action button that links to your own iTunes store.


To kick off a successful TVOD (iTunes, Amazon and/or Vimeo On Demand) release you will need to: make more shareable 30-sec spots with a Call to Action button that will directly lead the viewer to each one of those platforms. Remember one spot for one platform.


DVD; yes, people still buy those. Create an image of your DVD cover with links to Amazon or/and your own website. If you have bonus features that will be an added perk to your package.

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