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Filmmaking Is A Collaborative Art

I believe that filmmaking is a genuinely collaborative art. Of course, as independent filmmakers, we can and often wear many hats to get our projects off the ground. Over the years, most likely than not, you have picked up a range of hands-on skills and tonnes of practical knowledge, which surely would allow you to make a whole film single-handedly if backed to the wall.

However, in my opinion, this is not the point of filmmaking. Filmmaking is a collaborative art and each team member brings something unique, one of a kind, to the table helping to take the project towards the direction, which the director or creator wants. All those people from all those different departments have a wealth of knowledge that allows the director to make an amazingly unique film or show.

That is, generally, one of the things I love about filmmaking the most. It is the possibility to get many people with a variety of skills involved in one project, working towards the same vision, and making it a reality. Filmmaking is a collaborative art, bringing together many talents, who, hopefully, are willing and ready to help you make your project as successful and beautiful as they can.

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