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“Dreams Do Come True!!!”

Since my move to London in 1998, I have been on a mission to pursue my dreams. Some of my dreams have changed, some haven’t, and some luckily have evolved over the years.

Only when I stop for a minute, I realise that I try to keep myself busy all the time, doing stuff and chasing things. And, in all this racing 99% of the time, I don’t even realise that I have already gotten what I asked for.

Last Sunday I got what I wanted to have ever since I was a teenager.

In Poland (it has become a tradition now) on the second Sunday after the New Year’s the Poles come together to share positivity and generosity by participating in one of the most significant charity events in the world called WOSP. The charity has been “playing”, as they say, for 24 years now, which is most of my life. Of course, over the years, it changed, evolved and grew. At some point, they introduced a coin heart (as the logo of the charity is a heart) for people to auction the coin.

The most popular hearts are the gold ones, and this year the top one was auctioned for almost £120000.

Ever since I set my eyes on it, I always wanted to have one, and in my mind, I played the moment till I finally managed to win the auction.

Many, many years later, in fact, last Sunday after waiting for 30 minutes to get into the venue and walking straight into the auction I won the auction of a heart-shaped coin. It’s not the gold one, and I wasn’t bidding against huge companies/business online but in person in London. The actual circumstances, the place, the amount of money I paid for the heart wasn’t part of my vision all these years ago, but it happened all of a sudden without any anticipation.

It wasn’t after I got in my car and started making my way back home when I realised that one of my oldest dreams has just been granted without compromising my inner self. Such an excellent beginning of the year!!!


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Magda Olchawska is an award-winning independent filmmaker, writer and screenwriter. She writes not only about making films and writing but also about financially independent and sustainable lifestyle. Her current projects include Ecotopia Universe and School Runs.


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