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“Asshole Says: Women Are Dreadful Drivers!!!”

Clever Girl just loves meeting new people, both in her professional and personal life.

One way of meeting them in her professional life is hiring freelancers for developing new projects. When she likes someone, and they prove to be compatible with working with the Clever Girl, she often re-hires the same person for several projects.

What she doesn’t like though, hates even, is working with men who talk shit about women and “grace” the society with their opinions on social media.

Unfortunately one of her freelancers made a mistake of taking to FB to rant about how dreadful women drivers were. According to the asshole (that is his real name from now on) women are much more inferior as drivers to men, lack focus behind the wheel and are utterly careless when it comes to obeying the rules. On the other hand male drivers are law-obeying citizens causing no accidents (perhaps the tiny touches can happen to everyone), always stopping at the pedestrian crossing, never taking over other cars on double lines, still parking perfectly and in the right place, never getting speeding tickets and always, always letting other vehicles in.

And all of this not to mention that men drivers never experience road rage. To help you imagine it; they are like little Buddha’s behind the wheel: calm, composed and in total peace with their surroundings. It’s women who are the cause of all the danger on the roads and who on earth gave them the right to drive anyway???

Clever Girl was beyond furious when she had read it. At first, she was pondering on replying, but soon enough she realised that the asshole was not worth her precious time. She is never going to hire the asshole again, and this is sufficient punishment for the asshole. People need to take responsibilities for their stupid rants on social media. So please stop fucking calling and emailing me, you fucking asshole.


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