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“Am I Too Sophisticated for TV?”

Some of you already know that I don’t have a TV set at home. If I watch telly, it’s either at my parents’ house or a friend’s house. The truth is that I haven’t had a TV screen in my own house ever.

I bet most of you agree that TV is rubbish, there is virtually nothing on it. Moreover, some of the modern TV screens are so sharp that my favourite shows, such as Friends, look hideous the least.

Little O. is not allowed to watch TV either. However, same as me, he does watch it when he is away with his grandparents, although I don’t approve of that. My ex. loved TV and at times was such a bloody hype that could watch three or more things at the same time. I didn’t approve of that either. But now, my approving or disapproving days are finally over for him.

Anyway, I promised to myself not to talk about him too much, and besides, he has always been a distraction so let’s not carry this on for eternity. Subject closed for today.

Since the Little O. is away and, for a change, I have had a month without any travelling this summer (this doesn’t happen often), my friends asked me to do house and a guinea pig sitting for them while they went away. ‘What the hell?’ I thought to myself. Change of location and environment always does me good. As a bonus, it turned out that they have a lovely house with a big garden and a massive telly.

Since I work most of the days, I treat myself to little breaks during which I read or meditate and sometimes even eat if I remember that I get hungry (usually the headache is the reminder that my body needs food). When Little O. is away, I’m always too lazy to cook.

Anyway, one evening after solid 6 hours of writing I decided to indulge my overtired and overworked brain in some telly. It’s not at all surprising that amongst all the hundreds of channels I wasn’t able to find anything up to my standards. I finally settled down for a program I thought it would be fun to watch. It was an American version of “Hell’s Kitchen”.

In short, the show was horrible. Not only the participants didn’t have anything to give, not to mention, say to the viewers but it also seemed that the famous chef running the show (his name shall remain undisclosed J) completely lost his magic, touch, interest,  (pick as many as you want) and all he did was just screaming and treating everyone like shit.

His lack of respect for anyone just stopped being funny. Quite the opposite; for some reason, I felt compassionate towards this angry dude who seemed to get excited by screaming at people.

So, the host’s behaviour plus the outdated format of the show made it all somewhat painful to watch.

All in all, I feel that TV has passed the times of creating quality shows that could enrich one’s life, show different life perspective, beautiful places, etc.

Instead, now TV just seems to be a vehicle of adverts and stupidity with reality shows dominating above everything else.

How can we expect to have a well-educated, self-sufficient society if the society is bombarded with crap from the moment they open their eyes? Granted, the TV is the cheapest form of entertainment but does it have to make people stupid.

The “Hell’s Kitchen” experience got me wondering if perhaps I’m too sophisticated for TV. Or maybe, the TV is too stupid for me, or I’m just not the target ‘cos I demand something valuable.

If I ever come to any conclusions, I’ll let you know.

Just to make it clear I have nothing to do with this horrid TV shows. I don’t write scripts for them. Maybe if I did and more women like me wrote scripts for both, TV & film the entertainment business would be more diverse.


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