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After a Year of Homeschooling

After a year of homeschooling, I can honestly say that I enjoy the process enormously. I was scared at first and unsure whether I could provide my son with the level of education he deserved but I have to say that the two of us are doing pretty well. The fact that I have become more comfortable with the whole process, has been incredibly helpful for both of us.

The past year has been life-changing for the Little M.; after a year of homeschooling he can:

  • READ!!!
  • He loves English and creative writing.
  • He can tell people what his hobby is, what subjects he enjoys learning and what subjects he is interested in and which ones not so much.
  • His confidence is soaring; he doesn’t put himself down as much as he used to. Sometimes he does have a bad day, but he quickly can manage that type of negativity.
  • He writes his own stories. He does it phonetically but he is doing it, and we encourage him to write his phonetic stories. The most importantly, he is very comfortable doing that.
  • He also picks up his Star Wars magazines and reads them on his own, without me having to chase him to do some reading.
  • He knows how he learns best. Songs and singing work like a charm for him and that is something a school could never offer him.

For a boy, who thought that he was stupid at his apparently caring school, his progress in the past year has been mind-blowing and I couldn’t have been happier for him. Little M. is undoubtedly thriving.

Of course, at times it’s hard on him, especially when he doesn’t see his friends or during half terms, Christmas or Easter break when his homeschooling with other kids has already finished. It’s simply because he is a very social creature and needs contact with other children.

For now, our plan for 2019 is to find a flexible school and see if that would work for Little M.

2018 for us was all about learning how to read, and inevitably Little M.’s progress has superseded all of my expectations. He is simply awesome.

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