Mikolay & Julia Meet the Fairies

One day, Mikolay and Julia discover a hidden wardrobe in a secret office of Mikolay’s mummy. A fantastic wonder occurs: the wardrobe turns out to be full of magical, gentle creatures who have wonderful singing voices. But unfortunately are in desperate need of  Mikolay’s and Julia’s magic skills to help them fight the monster that took over their forest.

Mikolay and Julia_Meet_The_Fairies Sample pages


This is a lovely children’s narrative and perfect to share with a child at bedtime, or for shared reading as a bedtime story. Ks1 UK school level, beautifully designed and illustrated it would be an ideal classroom library book. It is a fantasy story as the story title suggests.

Mikolay and Julia meet fairies in the wardrobe and are fascinated by them. For any child who loves fairies or who enjoys magical stories then this one is for you. Beautifully crafted and illustrated it is a joyous tale and one I enjoyed. Irene Edwards