Moncania is a little boy. Sometimes he is good & some other times he is… well, not so good.

Each time he is naughty he tries to blame it on his invisible friend Goggi.

However, Moncania’s mom is not so sure that Goggi is the one to blame.

PS. The story described in this book is based on real events.

Moncania-sample pages by Magda Olchawska


Once again, author Magda Olchawska draws upon her own experiences in parenting and shares her wisdom in the form of a splendidly illustrated children’s book, “Moncania.”

Moncania is a little boy who always seems to be getting into trouble, but he swears it’s not his fault! He blames all the naughty deeds he does on his imaginary friend, Goggi. Moncania’s mother tries to be patient, but no matter what she tells Mocnania to do, it seems Goggi tells him to do the opposite! She has no choice but to put Moncania in the “naughty corner” where he cries and cries, unable to understand why HE is the one getting punished. His mother decides it’s time to have a chat with Moncania (and Goggi) about being responsible for his actions…

I absolutely love this book because it uses a fun and clever story to teach children that they must be accountable for the choices they make and that they have to face the consequences of their actions.

“Moncania” is truly a delightful book! I highly recommend it for kids, and especially for parents who’s child has a mischievous imaginary friend! Heather Payer-Smith