Meditative Gardening Pod


The meditative gardening pod is an oasis that allows individuals from nature-deprived places to connect with nature. Everyone needs and deserves space to quiet their mind. The meditative gardening pod is for anyone seeking refuge in a bustling metropolis.


My Gardening Experience

In the 80’s, my grannie’s allotment kept our family from starvation during the winter. The restriction on food purchasing in communist Poland meant that if you lived in an urban environment and didn’t have a garden, you would struggle to feed your family. Of course, food was sold illegally. However, that had a massive price tag, and if caught, it meant imprisonment.

I still remember the pain in my granny’s eyes the day she had to sell the allotment. The allotment was her safe haven, which kept her grounded through the years and offered an escape from reality.

I started growing an urban garden on my balcony in 2022, which since then has become an integral part of my creative practice.