My story is a family film about Jo a single dad who has difficulties accepting his long-term unemployment and struggles to come to terms with changes happening around him.

Director’s Statement

One day I was surfing on eBay when I noticed one user trying to sell a bike for £2000. When the evening arrived the seller was ready to let go of the bike for any price since no one wanted to bid on it. He finally accepted a fraction of what the bike was worth.

Since my mind is story-centric I started wondering “what if…” and this is how Jo’s character was born.

From the very beginning, I knew I didn’t want Jo’s story to make people feel down especially people who have been unemployed for a long time and struggle to get back to the workforce.

In our modern society, anyone can lose a job and have a complete breakdown regardless of background, education, ethnicity and social status.

Jo is well-educated, a middle-class dude whose life was turned upside down during the economical crash of 2008. Even years later he still doesn’t know how to deal with what had happened to him. He wasn’t well equipped to deal with his professional life collapsing around him leading to a breakdown of his marriage.

I wanted to finish the story on a positive note and give people hope that change and progress are possible even when one feels that the darkness is everything there is.

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