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Creative Distribution Case Study

DIY Film (Creative) Distribution Package

Ever since VOD platforms entered the film distribution game, the entire distribution model and approach has changed enormously. As an independent filmmaker not tied to any organization or production company, it took me a long time to figure out what the most effective way to distribute an indie film is.

When I started in the film business, DIY distribution meant selling DVDs or organizing indie screenings across different venues. That was a lot of work and an overwhelming amount of money upfront. However, the VOD platforms and the Internet opened up many new lucrative revenue streams for the indie crowd.

Finally, we aren’t dependent on a few DVD distribution companies, dodgy distributors or venues that would like to share the profits but won’t lift a finger to help out market and promote your film.

Times have changed a lot, and with the right plan and implementation, your film can find the fame and success you are dreaming off.

The Creative Distribution Model I created will help you understand the creative distribution and help you start on the right path if this is the path you are choosing to follow.

The price is low to make it affordable for everyone.

PS. In the times of COVID-19, knowing how to distribute your film/show/video creatively has been even more imperative. The theatres across the world are shut down and it may be a long time before our business recovers and finds grounds for new normal. Content is the king, but content needs to be visible to make waves. VOD platforms and the Internet offer just that. If you know how to reach your audience, you are golden.

This package includes the following:

Film Distribution of Indie Films in the 21 Century” (How do you distribute an indie film? What do you need to distribute your film successfully? Are you stuck with your film’s distribution? This e-book will help you move forward and find a successful path for your distribution.)

“Digital Marketing Campaign Plan for Your Film”

“How to Write Your Marketing and Distribution Plan”

“Once You Take Your Film to the Market You Should…”

“Quick Guide to Film Distribution”

“Quick Pitch Template”

“Theatrical Distribution Costs”

“Theatrical Release”

“Three Marketing Hacks to Help You with Film Distribution”

“What Not to Do While Marketing Your Film?”

“How to Sell Your Movie?”

“How to Build Your Film’s Website?”

Filmmakers Useful Links

89 links to film distribution companies’ websites (for both: narrative and documentary films)

16 links to short films distributors’ websites

4 links to sales agents representing short films

88 links to sales agents websites representing feature films (narrative and documentary)