Creative Distribution

Creative Distribution Package

Creative Distribution will help you understand and prepare for creatively (self-distribution, DIY distribution or hybrid distribution) distributing your film or your show.

This package includes the following:

Film Distribution of Indie Films in the 21 Century” (How do you distribute an indie film? What do you need to distribute your film successfully? Are you stuck with your film’s distribution? This e-book will help you move forward and find a successful path for your distribution.)

“Digital Marketing Campaign Plan for Your Film”

“How to Write Your Marketing and Distribution Plan”

“Once You Take Your Film to the Market You Should…”

“Quick Guide to Film Distribution”

“Quick Pitch Template”

“Theatrical Distribution Costs”

“Theatrical Release”

“Three Marketing Hacks to Help You with Film Distribution”

“What Not to Do While Marketing Your Film?”

“How to Sell Your Movie?”

“How to Build Your Film’s Website?”


Creative Distribution Package is also included in the Indie Filmmaking School

Creative Distribution One Time Payment