Ever since I can remember, I loved stories. My favourite childhood activities were listening to the radio plays, looking at paintings, watching old Hollywood classics and pretending to travel to far and exotic places in pursuit of creative adventures. My vivid imagination protected me from the grim reality of communist 1980s Poland as well as helped me cope with my learning differences (I have dyslexia and dyspraxia), which back then were not recognised or acknowledged. That childhood coping mechanism slowly paved the way for my professional devotion to art and creativity through neurodivergent artistic outlets.

I wanted to make films since I was 7. I love the filmmaking process, the collaboration, the anticipation, the long hours. I’ve always believed that film could be used for good to make the world better, and “Anna & Modern Day Slavery”, a 60-minute narrative film about sex and human trafficking, was supposed to be one of those films. With very few hiccups (which are really rare on film sets, especially indie films), I sailed from pre-production to production (2011/2012), and after ten days of shooting, I had my film in the can. However, once the production ended, the interest in my endeavour slowly began dying down. I kept creating content (through content creation and presence online, I was able to fund the whole budget and find an amazing cast and crew) for as long as I could, but I quickly began feeling overwhelmed and overstretched, depleting my resources while trying to do too much. I made the executive decision to disconnect from social media and content creation to focus solely on editing the film. I dealt with many technical issues, time restrictions, and creative isolation during the editing process. The longer I edited, the more critical I became of my work, adding additional stress, anxiety and pressure to the process. The burden of the prolonged postproduction caught up with me, while the gravity of the undertaking, combined with unrealistic expectations and overworking, left me completely burned out sometime in 2015. Of course, I didn’t even notice that I worked myself to the bone as I was too busy “doing things “, planning and setting goals to move onto the next big thing. I wore many hats all indie filmmakers are told they need to wear to have anything produced. Unfortunately, despite playing by the rules created by those who made it before me, my high hopes for the production never materialised.

In retrospect, I realised I wasn’t looking at my career as a long-term undertaking; it was only a project-based venture. Each project was supposed to be “the one” to get me to the next level, where I wouldn’t have to worry about life expenditures, budgets and finances.  In my burned-out and clouded state of mind, body and soul, once “Anna & Modern Day Slavery” was out, instead of taking pride in my achievement and giving myself much-needed breathing space, I threw myself instantly into more work. I truly believed I just needed to work harder (whatever that means) as clearly, I must not have worked hard enough to make “Anna & Modern Day Slavery” a big instant success. It took me nearly a decade to recover from that particular creative burnout. Going back to higher education helped me during my recovery and opened up possibilities for me to engage with a variety of other mediums besides film to tell stories.

Another Way project began as a public art workshop I ran in 2023 at the London Festival of Architecture. After deconstructing the workshops and tapping into my own creative experience and intuition, I began re-developing Another Way… as a program to help individuals embrace creativity from a holistic perspective and as an act of self-love and self-caring. I believe that creativity is part of our true selves, and Another Way helps us recognise and reconnect to creative intuition while accommodating individual beliefs, life circumstances, and creative cravings. 

If you would like to implement Another Way… into your creative journey, start by browsing my website and project pages. I also have Behind-the-Scenes videos in which I do my best to explain my creative process. Nowadays, I often work on multidisciplinary, long-term projects, as this is how my neurodivergent brain translates ideas into stories and creative projects, which I wholeheartedly embrace and am grateful for. 

If you would like to develop your project with me, there are two ways we could work together. 

Dialogue – an hour-long chat during which we deconstruct your project or anything else you are working on to brainstorm ideas on how to move it forward or start from scratch if you don’t know how to begin. 

Cost: £150 

Create with Me – a seven-week individual development program. During the program, we either work on already existing projects or work towards developing an idea into something more concrete. Create with Me is spaced over seven weeks, which equals to one hour a week plus homework, to be completed by the following week.

Cost: £900 (talk to me about the payment options.)

Both of my offerings incorporate the Another Way approach to creativity, development of creative projects and growth of the creative practice, which I have fostered over the past two decades working as a creative freelancer and entrepreneur, expanding my skills and knowledge as well as building, re-building and re-inventing my creative practice and understanding of creativity on an individual level as well as part of a bigger social movement for better.  

My professional creative journey began in 1999 when I joined an acting school. Since then, the world has changed so much, leaving me no choice but to adapt quickly, learn how to spot trends and push through the fear that, at times, can trap creatives and creative energies. Over the years of growing and expanding my knowledge and skills, finding creative solutions to problems became second nature to me. Progress is made by intentionally showing up despite fear, anxiety and doubts creeping in. Showing up means an unexpected journey, surprising solutions and growth beyond who we already are. 

If you are ready to embark on that journey and think you would like to take it with me, I would be honoured to guide you through the Another Way… approach to creativity, which is essential to our survival as individuals and society. 

The first step would be to drop me an email to check our availabilities: or

After that, we can talk more details.

If there is Another Way… besides the Create with Me and Dialogue you would like to work with me, get in touch with your pitch. However, keep in mind I cannot accommodate any free-of-charge projects, consultations or donations of my time.