Bear Gets a Beating

Bear and Sunshine Bunny Boy are best friends forever. From the first moment the two of them met, they became inseparable and did everything together.

However, one day to mommy’s horror, she witnessed Sunshine giving his best friend Bear a beating.

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Magda Olchawska presents an important life lesson in a very easy to understand story that kids will both enjoy and take to heart. The theme: Be nice to your friends. Beating them up does not teach them to behave and, one day, they may be bigger than you (and will remember all those beatings)…

The story is not just for kids, though. Told from the perspective of the mother, this book offers parents the opportunity to present such a lesson to their children in a way that makes sense to kids. I love that this story was inspired by a real situation the author had to face with her son and that the possible consequences of “one day Pooh will grow up and beat him up” were realized when her son saw a full-size puppet of Pooh at Disneyland… and, yes, Pooh had gotten very big! (ha ha)

The illustrations in this book are so wonderful and engaging; they really bring the story to life and are sure to delight both kids and their parents! Heather Payer-Smith

Pooh Gets a Beating is a story on how one little boy, Sunshine Bunny Boy, learned tolerance, how to manage his anger, and consequences for inappropriate behaviour. I love the illustrations and text on this colourful book. The author demonstrates one form of consequence which Sunshine Bunny Boy may receive if he did not treat his best friend Pooh with respect. She also explains a better way in which SBB may deal with his frustration and anger. The story will resonate with many parents and grandparents. The theme of the story centres on the Golden Rule, treat others the way you would expect to be treated. It is a message everyone should know. I think the author does a brilliant job of explaining consequence so youngsters may grasp the reality of their actions. S.L. Coelho

Pooh Gets a Beating is a wonderful story for children. It teaches a lesson without the feel of it teaching a lesson. It’s never too young to learn how to treat others. What could be a better example than to teach your children how to treat their stuffed animals? It is a lovely tale with beautiful illustrations. Regina Puckett 

This is a wonderfully drawn book with a very important message. I loved the creative layout of pictures and words which give the book an energy rarely found in such material.

This book shows how one boy is taught to explain rather to punish. The message is simple, powerful and effective and does not take the form of a lecture. Most children will seriously consider the ramifications of their actions after reading this.

It seems that nowadays kids often resort to violence before thinking and perhaps if parents relayed this message more frequently, the world might be a better place. In a world littered with material glamorizing violence here is a an excellent alternative which will teach your child to treat others just like they would hope to be treated. A simple lesson but one desperately under-taught.

I highly recommend this book. Simon Jenner